Monday, February 17, 2014

The Fairytale of Bodybinds and the Plus-Sized Pole Princess

As some of you may remember, the PDBA recently struck a deal with Bodybinds to write some lifestyle blogs.  Lifestyle meaning, we don't have to just write about pole, we can write about everyday life.  Most of us have multi-faceted lives, so of course, we don't only read pole blogs.  My first blog for Bodybinds, in fact, will be about the benefits of yoga. 

Anyway, I had never worn Bodybinds.  I don't exactly have the body type you might typically find wearing something like Bodybinds.  As part of our deal, we had the opportunity to order loner items so that we could try out the product and feel like we connected more and understood the company for which we would be writing.  I had checked out the website and saw that the maximum stretch on the one size fits "all" (or most) items would still barely fit me.  I was worried about destroying the loaner.  I just resigned myself to the fact that I would probably blow the seams out and would just reimburse her for the product and be okay with that embarrassing little experience.  I also talked myself into not being able to wear the product properly as the elastic would just cut into my fat rolls, and no one really wants to outline fat rolls.  But this was business and I was going to give Bodybinds a fair review.  Jackie, the owner, had asked us for measurements.  I casually threw mine over to her, fully expecting her response to be, "sorry, we don't have anything for you."  I ordered the "safest" item I could possibly order -- and only the top because I figured the bottoms wouldn't work for me. 

How wrong I was.

When my beautiful little red Bodybinds bag showed up, I was hesitant but excited.  I pulled out the hot pink Michelle Bondage Bikini Top and immediately put it on over my shirt.  I was confused for a second, then I got really excited.  This was clearly custom made to fit my larger than average sized body!  I e-mailed Jackie and asked her if she had custom-made the top for me.  She confirmed she had.  I was over the moon, and I excitedly set up my photoshoot for the following Saturday.

I truly do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I would rather post photos than explain my dance session.  First off, these are not professionally taken or edited photos (as evidenced by my cellulite and the off-balance coloring).  This is a girl and her camera alone in a studio.  I just wanted to dance around and see how the top fared.  I danced for almost an hour and let the camera roll.  I got tired and sweaty, but the top stayed in place.  Since it was made in a larger size, it didn't cut into my fat rolls, and it was extremely comfortable to wear.  My only regret was that I didn't order the bottoms or go crazy and order one of the other items my sad little mind told me I was too big to wear.  So enjoy my photo journal and if you are considering Bodybinds, please do contact Jackie and talk to her about your body concerns so she can put your mind at ease and help you choose the perfect Bodybinds outfit for you!


  1. Love it! <3 I think this may be where my first paycheck (in the very, very distant future, but someday!) will go.

  2. i love hearing that they custom size their stuff! Love these photos!

    1. Thanks!! The good news is that you don't need truly custom sizes since everything stretches but having pieces with a little extra space is good for us curvies! :-D