Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NCPP - Pat the Bear Turns Two

Well, we did it again.  Call us crazy, but Ellen and I survived another year and brought Northern California Pole Presentational to the Bay Area once again.  

I have to be honest.  I was tired this year.  New job (love it but it has longer hours and I had to completely re-do my after-work schedule so as not to burn myself out).  Less pole.  I just wasn't sure I wanted to keep doing this.  So many late nights and long weekends spent on the computer.  Planning.  Sending e-mails.  Gathering music.  Spreadsheets.  Scheduling.  Stressing.  But when the day arrived, I was reminded why it was all worth it.  We certainly aren't doing this for the money.  I'm barely doing it for the love of pole.  We do this to be part of a larger community.  For me, it is all worth it because of all the happy faces that I saw coming off that stage.

I really do want to personally thank each and every person who participated that day -- the judges, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, studios, audience members.  I am grateful to The Stage for providing us with a legit theater.  I am eternally grateful to Ellen, who keeps me on track and helps balance our workload.  I could not do this without her.  And I am ever so grateful for the dancers.  This show is for THEM.  I am not a natural performer (or even that great of an unnatural performer).  I am always terrified to perform, so I have the utmost respect for the performers who are spending their time and effort preparing to dance for us.  This year, thanks to the awesome cyborg headsets, Ellen and I got to actually watch a good portion of the show.  I am always amazed by the artistic beauty that pole dance inspires.  NCPP performers did not disappoint!

We posted a note on the NCPP blog yesterday.  Please visit that post and check out the eloquent thank you posted by Ellen on Facebook.  We have just signed the contract for next year and will be announcing the new date soon!  Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and photos and we will see you next year!

Thanks for fulfilling my fantasies -- so many groups and duos!

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