Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The 7th Annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser

Well, we did it again.  Twirly Girls Pole Fitness hosted the 7th Annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser to benefit the National Kidney Foundation.  Our very own Rita has had three kidney transplants and Bel has hosted this event every year to help support Rita and to fund research to help people have healthy kidneys.

I performed a routine choreographed by Pole Dance Reunion with Jade, Alana and Katie.  These ladies are another reminder of the importance of sisterhood.  We had a great time getting together to practice and actually have our next two routines sketched out.

Each year, we have an issue in the studio at this event.  The toilet has flooded.  The AC has gone out.  The stereo has broken.  This year, it was the lights.  They kept going into strobe mode.  After two false starts, we finally got the green light, no pun intended.  Although it certainly wasn't my strongest performance of this routine, I am still mostly happy with how it turned out.

If you would like to donate, please visit this link: http://donate.kidney.org/site/TR/Walk/NKFServingtheWest?px=1559560&pg=personal&fr_id=8163

And to watch our video, please do so below:

Be happy you can pee!  If you've had any kidney experiences you'd like to share, please do so below!

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