Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sticking Power for Pole Dancers

Each pole dancer has their own routine.  The soaps they do (or don't) use.  Avoiding lotion.  Not showering too close to class time.  The products they slather on.  All to stick to that damn pole.

I have a bag of products.  An entire bag full of products...that I don't use.  This one helps you stick.  This one helps you if you're too dry, which makes you slick.  This one helps you not sweat so you're not overly slick.  This one is chalky.  This one is a clear spray.  This one is literally glue, so be careful.  This one will stick to the pole and ruin it if you use too much, so you have to scrub to get it off you and the pole.  And if you come behind a pole dancer who rudely doesn't clean up after him or herself, you're scrubbing to save your own skin so that their stick doesn't ruin your class.  None of them really work for me.  I've always blamed it on my lack of strength, and also lack of stick-to-itiveness (no pun intended) since I rarely tried hard to stick (again...) most of my moves. 

Then Janet (from Twirly Girls) wrote a post about a lotion she uses.  Aveeno.  What?  You've got to be kidding me.  You can wear lotion on pole days?  But I've spent the last seven plus years avoiding any kind of moisture on the day of class so I can stick!  Well, she was right and now I have a new routine. 

First, in the morning, I shower with Dr. Bronner's castile soap (Mrs. Meyer's or J.R. Watkins works too).  I currently like lavender (just my own preference).  I used to use Dr. Bronner's peppermint liquid soap but it was a bit intense.  I switched to the lavender bar soap recently, and find it works well for me too.  I shave my legs with sensitive shave gel (shaving cream actually is a product some people use for pole).  And then I lotion up with Aveeno.  I use no other products to stick to the pole.  I included some links to Amazon below if you'd like to try any of the products out.

Tell me your sticky secrets in the comment section below.  Happy poling!



Strangely, even though I am sure this has some moisturizers in it, this makes my legs feel less slick: 

I have also used this, not to shave with, but on my hands on poling days:

And last, but not least, the icing on the cake!  I notice a huge difference in my ability to climb on days I forget to put lotion on.


  1. On lyra, I need chalk. I wish there were a body modification I could do to squirt chalk from my wrists, like spiderman. I'll chalk up and then cannot touch any part of my body b/c I'm usually sweaty.

    And then on silks, I need rosin, which is this awful sandy stuff that gets in between my fingers. Like sand. I start every class without it, hoping to extend how long I can go without needing it. But when it's cold (like last night), the silks are super slippery.

    1. I use weight lifting or Mighty Grip type gloves for lyra. I also used rosin for silks. No getting around that!

  2. I use weight lifting or Mighty Grip type gloves for lyra. I also used rosin for silks. No getting around that!