Monday, August 12, 2019

Little Boxes Theater

Although my pole dancing "career" is winding down (more surgery ahead, heading back to school, etc.), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a sparks photoshoot with the dynamic duo from Little Boxes Theater last May.  They have a space in San Francisco, but this shoot was actually done at Twirly Girls in Pleasanton.  Someone is quite literally grinding metal to create sparks behind you during the long exposure.  You have to find a move you can hold for about 10-20 seconds (which was hard for me in heels, so I chose really simple moves and was still surprised at how bad I was shaking), and then he moves behind you in the dark to create the effect.  It was pretty cool. 

The sparks never hurt but my thigh highs came away with holes in them, so be careful with certain materials.  My bathing suit was fine. 

They are also known for rain and glitter shoots, and I understand they recently started doing underwater shoots. 

Anyway, I don't know why it has taken me this long to post these photos, but I wanted to share them here.  Please contact Little Boxes Theater to book your shoot!

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