Thursday, February 25, 2010

The call of the headstand

Like a Siren, she calls to me.  Oh Headstand.  How I long for thee. 

Well, ok, not the headstand, which I can do...but its what I want to do AFTER the headstand (check out Jen in the video I will attach... @1:10).  I want to do a headstand against the pole, wrap my legs around it, do a sit-up and then climb that pole like a silly little monkey.  That's my goal. 

Our classes at Twirly Girls have been going really well!  I feel like Rita and I are improving so much every week.  I'm sure it helps that we can practice at home.  Clearly, I realize I'm still learning, but all that matters is that we are progressing!  Rita puts together amazing videos for us each week to watch our progress and fun photo collages.  We are meeting so many nice people through our class.  I had a rough couple of years, but 2010 is shaping up quite nicely to be a great year and I have Rita, Bel and all of the Twirly Girls to thank for that!  I will keep this one short.  I mostly wanted to tell my girls how much I love them and then show off Rita's latest creations!

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Bel & Doug!


  1. Great pics! LOL I would look so dumb trying to be all sexy LOL.. I would prob injure myself

  2. You are fabulous!!

  3. G, girl, no way...if being silly is part of your personality, that will show...and it will still be sexy cuz that's you! :-D Helloooo, I'm wearing a pink cowboy hat!! haha!!!

  4. I love to read your blogs...Lori I think you need to be a writer...oh wait...maybe write a screenplay! You are so talented....ok...we have a new mission....your b-day is coming up and girl...we are gonna get you to do a the way..isn't it funny how if we're patient life will bring us the most amazing gifts! Lori and Rita...

  5. Thank you!!!! A routine would be awesome!!! :-D I can follow directions. Sometimes. hehe!!!! Life is funny like that. I needed a Bel in my life right now!!!