Monday, February 7, 2011

Strippers get breast cancer too

I just heard that a breast cancer charity turned down a donation from the American Pole Fitness Association today. I guess "stripper" money isn't good enough for them? Considering pole dancing and pole fitness is dominated by women, you'd think they would be all over that. Shame on you! Do charities REALLY have to care about where their donations come from?

Okay, I get it that PETA shouldn't take money from the National Beef Federation or whatever, but why would a breast cancer charity put a moral judgment on pole dancing?

It's really irritating me right now. I hope the APFA decides to publicize the name so I can tell people not to give them their money. They clearly don't need it. If I'm going to passionately fundraise for some charities, I can actively rant against others.!/AmericanPoleFitness


  1. I was disgusted when I heard this. My mum does Pole Dancing and she had breast cancer. She said it was disbolical. Pole Dancers are NOT strippers, but so WHAT if the money came from strippers? Good on them for pursuing the things that makes them feel good and ignoring what society says about it. They can earn a grand a night and bloody good luck to them.

    Clearly these people think judging women based on whch ativities they wish to do is more important than collecting money for cancer treatment.

  2. I imagine that years from now, when a cure is found, women won't be sitting around thinking: I hope stripper money didn't fund that cure because I'd rather have breast cancer!!


    So sorry about your mom. I hope she gets better, Sasha!


    The story...

  4. Can you please post your source for this information? The only stories I can find on this topic are from 2007, and it was The Naked Truth whose money was rejected.

  5. Betty, if you check out the American Pole Fitness Association's website (, there are links to their Facebook page. The links for all are posted above in the blog.

    The person who actually tried to make the donation wrote a note about it for Pole Spin Magazine (, and the link for that was also posted above in a comment.

    The source is the American Pole Fitness Association.

  6. This whole story, no matter how much I dig, is seriously lacking in actual facts.

    The original author's article refers to receiving a letter, but the actual letter is never quoted. The closest thing offered is a 'conversation' between the organization and the pole dancer, that the author immediately identifies as fully fictional.

    Is it possible this is being blown way out of proportion? There is no way to know until some actual facts are supplied... Until then this is all nothing more than gossip.

    One thing that seems to be absolutely true is the indignation some pole dancers exhibit when compared to strippers. As a stripper, I am aware that the two aren't mutually exclusive. But there is no need to be SO appalled and disgusted by the comparison!

    This is a problem that I've witnessed across pole fitness communities everywhere, I'm not just picking on this post. Its an insulting and hurtful trend, and especially ironic coming from a group of of people crying out against discrimination.

    Sorry for the huge rant!

  7. Well, the story is still new -- it only came out last night. If you check out the link from Pole Spin Magazine, that is the story of the woman who actually supposedly offered up the money. But I agree that there may be some facts being hidden or lost in translation due to people being outraged.

    I am not a stripper. I am a pole fitness enthusiast. If I had better dancing skills, I would happily go shake it! :-) No disrespect mean there whatsoever -- I'm jealous of your skills.

  8. Here is a response directly from the APFA:

    American Pole Fitness Association: You can tell the lady on your blog that it was not rant or made up story. They indeed say no to our money knowing clearly its from pole fitness performers. Nobody is here to cause a ruckus without facts. The truth us they turned out down! Charity causes should have no business saying NO to money. Hope that helps.
    4 seconds ago


    You can find this post on their Facebook page:!/AmericanPoleFitness

  9. I wasn't trying to imply the story was false, I'm just wondering where the rest of the details are.

    I promise, I'm on your side! Its only curiosity, before I get worked up in a tizzy over something I'm uninformed on.

  10. I understand, Miss. :-) I imagine the APFA is trying to avoid giving any press -- good or bad -- to the charity. What do they say -- any press is good press? :-)