Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gastric bypass support group

As some people know, I help facilitate a gastric bypass support group in Walnut Creek, California.  I started as a member pre-surgery...over eight years ago.  I met a lot of great friends that way.  The group was mostly made up of Kaiser members who were being sent down to San Diego (to Pacific Bariatric) for their surgeries.  Kaiser now does all surgery in-house (and locally), but our group still remains.  A lot of people (like myself) had surgery in San Francisco, and didn't want to travel to the city on a work night for support.  It was nice to have a local group to meet with.  We are one of the few free groups who allows anyone to attend.  Most of the local groups limit membership to those who had surgery through their program. 

Anyway, a few years ago, the facilitator, Ginny, moved away and asked one of the members, Sandy (who had surgery around the same time I did) to take over for her.  Sandy then asked me to help her out.  So, for the last two and a  half to three years, Sandy and I have been co-facilitators.  The group size fluctuates.  For awhile, we got pretty small and thought about possibly shutting it down.  But we now get between 8 and 12 members attending each month.

Last night I started a Facebook group to help keep people in touch during the month.  It is called Bari-Buddies Walnut Creek (thanks to Burnette for the cute name idea!).  You can join HERE.  I know that having support after surgery is one thing that helps us be successful.  Sometimes getting to a meeting in-person isn't always an option, so online support is the next best thing. 

Hope to see you all at a meeting soon.  If not, I hope to see you on Facebook.  :-)


  1. hi, i would like to join a baribuddies support group but, cant find when & where. I know its at john miur in walnut creek but that's all. can someone please help???

  2. We meet the first Tuesday of each month from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Sterns Conference room. If you are on Facebook, join the Bari-Buddies group and we keep everyone updated there. :-) The link is above in the blog.

  3. Thank you for letting me know. I will be joining a meeting soon. Take care.

  4. Awesome. Hope to see you next month!

  5. Hi! I just recently started reading your blogs and loved them! I wanted to contact you about your support group.... A little about myself- I have been a pt, nutritionist, and now am finishing my RD.... Anyway I have a passion for helping those who have undergone weightloss surgeries. I have recently been working with post surgery patients in the east bay, and wanted to share the most amazing supplement with you/your group... Juice Plus- it's a raw fruits and veg sup that allows post surgery pacients to get the necessary nurishment from fruits/veggies without bulk or calories. The supplement is encapsulated with live enzymes and therefore full bioavailable. I'd love to come share with you all if it's ever a possibility:) checkout my site if you want:)! my #'s on the page too if you'd like to call with questions.... It's been sooo helpful to my clients who have experienced the amazing, life changing effects of weigh-loss surgery , who are ready to take the next step in staying healthy!
    Hope to talk to you soon!!!!

  6. Hi Katy, I will post your info on my group's FB page! thanks! :0)