Monday, July 18, 2011

Project 365: Days 30-34

Day 30:

Thursday, July 14

Joined the Harry Potter nerds (Rita, Jimmy and others) for the midnight showing of the final movie.  I was "dirty Hermione."  I had a lot of fun!

Day 31:

Friday, July 15

I took the day off work but had a birthday happy hour for my boss in Oakland.  I rode BART alone like a big kid!

Day 32:

Saturday, July 16

I started a housesitting job.  Three black labs.  This is Meg and Molly.  They are crazy but fun.  Not pictured is Maggie, who is 17 years old and having a hard time getting around.

Day 33:

Sunday, July 17

I walked 6.2 miles (a 10k) with Jimmy, Yolanda, Kristin and many other friends.  Jimmy said if he raised $5,000, he would walk it in heels.  Well, he raised almost $8,000.  And he walked every inch in those red heels (and made the news).  I can't even imagine walking a few feet in them!

Day 34:

Monday, July 18

Back to the grind.  This is my view driving to work.  I only get a glimpse of the ocean and San Francisco for a second, but on a clear day, I love it. 

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