Thursday, July 14, 2011

Psoriasis and Enbrel

So my insurance approved me for a medication called Enbrel.  It's a weekly injection that you give yourself to help control psoriasis.  It is also used to treat a couple of types of arthritis.  It works by lowering your immune system.  Psoriasis is like having an amped up immune system -- to the point that your own immune system starts attacking your body and you end up with plaques where skin starts growing too fast.  I won't lie -- I'm a little nervous.  They say that you don't usually get sick more just might stay sick a little longer if you do get sick.  But I'm desperate so I'll try it.  The patches on my face are especially bothering me.  I had to get tested for tuberculosis, HIV and Hepatitis B before I was approved.  Rob works somewhere that puts him at a higher risk for TB, so I guess I have to hope he doesn't bring it home because I will be more likely to catch it now. 

I am hoping this will clear up my psoriasis.  I recognize that this is mostly for vanity.  I'm not contagious but I certainly feel like people look at me like I am.  People constantly ask me what it is.  I think you take the series of shots for a year or more.  But I have heard that some people will have clear skin for years past that.  I am keeping good thoughts that it will work for me with as few side effects as possible. 

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  1. well im a 34yr old male looking for a partner but i will never get one because of psoriasis i just feel so low all the time because im so embarrased about it i get told ima good looking guy sometimes but that dont help i would love sove help in clearing it up but doctors just give me creams+ointments that dont work feel free to contact me @ ty mark