Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aerial silks at Twirly Girls

The words "pole dancing" have a negative connotation to some people (boooooo to those people), and I've noticed lately that a lot of pole dancers are learning all kinds of acrobatics and (formerly) circus-type acts in order to compete in the pro circuit.  "Pole dancing" is now encompassed in the more tame "aerial arts" description.  Aerial silks are also in that category.  I went to a rotary meeting this morning and one of the men asked if I was one of the girls who did the trapeze.  Sure.  That's what I do.  :-)

On Sunday, I took a beginner aerial silks class at Twirly Girls.  It was so much fun!  I literally cannot do most of the moves, but I did rock the ONE I was able to knock out (I can flip over and hang upside down like a monkey -- only IF the knot is low enough so I can sit without having to lift my own fat ass up using my arms).  It not only requires good core strength, but some upper body strength as well.  I'm really excited that we have silks at Twirly Girls and am looking forward to continuing with my pilates reformer classes so that I can improve at silks AND pole.  I have set all of these pole goals and can't hit any of them until I get into shape!  I'm finally ACTUALLY on my way there now!

Here are some photos from our class.


  1. She made it look so simple! It was a blast though.

    1. Ha, this is so old but I totally just googled aerial silks and was thinking I was too old to start something like this (I'm 21) lol but then I started running into really awesome blogs and forums with people that are so awesome and courageous like you and it seems like a happy place. :D
      I really wanna learn how to do aerial silks now despite the fact that I'm totally out of shape and 21 :p

    2. Aerial silks are so awesome. And you gain strength so fast. I did an aerial yoga class over the weekend (hammocks). That is my absolute favorite! You should definitely try it! Age and shape won't matter!