Friday, September 9, 2011

Today the spotlight is on CYNTHIA CONDE!

Continuing my adventures through the pole world, meeting friends...this is Cynthia Conde from the Fitness Loft in New York!


What is your fitness background?
I'm the creator and author of a fitness program for brides called Bridal Bootcamp.  I also an executive producer and host of a VH1 realty TV based on my program called Bridal Bootcamp. My background in fitness comes from being a strength and conditioning coach, personal fitness trainers and nutrition consultant.

What is your fitness routine (on and off the pole)?
I do cardio 5 to 6 times per week.  I run mostly or use the stairmill with a weighed vest.  As for my strength training, I use functional movements in a high intensity manner. My workouts are usually 45 minutes in duration.

Do you have a dance background?
I do not.  I wish though. I am a bit of a jock.  So learning how to transition between pole movements has been a challenge for me.  The strength moves I am good at.

Do you compete (pole fitness or any other kind of fitness competitions)?
I used to compete in fitness show.  I would like to compete in a pole fitness contest.  In fact I've started team TFL (The Fitness Loft), we compete with local pole studios.  Very fun.

Tell us about VH1's Bridal Bootcamp.  Is that fun?
It was fun...very challenging though.  I've learned a lot from the experience.  I am working on a reality tv show, I'm hoping to pitch it sometime this year.

What interested you about pole dancing?

I love the strength and power of pole moves.  I also love to see a performer transition from one move to another seamlessly.  It's beautiful and amazing to watch.

Do you have a preference? "pole fitness" or "pole dancing"
I think I prefer pole fitness.

What do you think about the stripper vs. fitness debate?
It's so annoying.  I feel like I have to constantly explain that we are not teaching women how to strip for peep shows.  I tell people our studio teaches the language of pole, and its athletic, powerful and sensual.

What is your favorite product to help you stick to the pole?
I like plain ol alcohol

Do you like to dance in heels or barefoot?
I'm a barefoot kinda of gal.  I feel more powerful and sensual.

What did you do before opening your pole studio?
I was a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer.

What is your favorite thing about dancing on the pole?
I love how I can just forget everything that bother me during the day...and I can just let and fly.

What is your favorite song to dance to (at this moment)?
I know, I know...Katy Perry ET

Do you have any upcoming events you'd like people to know about?
I have a grand opening event on Oct 22nd, for my new fitness facility.  Check out

What else would you like people to know about you or your studio?
My studio is crazy's everything offered in the fitness industry under one roof, we have trapeze, aerial silks (think cirque du solei), indoor military obstacle course, aerial yoga, outdoor spinning, Navy Seal Training and lots more. 

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