Monday, October 10, 2011

Twirl Around the World update

Last year, I asked people to send photos from around the world to see how far pole dancing stretched:

I have made A LOT more friends in the last year I want to throw it out there again.  

Here is a link to the photos we have so far so you can get an idea of what I am looking for.  The album should be public so you should be able to see it even if we are not yet Facebook friends.

Here is the text from my original post:

This month, we've been given a scavenger hunt of sorts. We are supposed to find old fire houses with poles in them and take a picture. We took to Facebook to see if we could find firemen friends to help us out. We started getting lots of responses -- many of them from out of town.

So that got us thinking. How far away CAN the Twirly Girls reach?  We are asking our friends to find a pole (whether its at a fire station or just the stop sign down the street), either print the logo below or just write "I heart Twirly Girls" on some paper! We don't care! Take a picture of yourself then email it (or post it on my wall/tag me on Facebook), along with who you are and where you're from, to Lori at tazzie2010 at yahoo dot com. (It doesn't have to be "dirty," you can just take a photo standing next to a pole if you want; and even if its June, please send us a pic anyway!)

We are going to collect the photos, mark a map and watch our little game Twirl Around The World!

Have fun and be creative! We can't wait to see the pictures!!

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