Monday, November 28, 2011


So it's no secret that I enjoy traveling around to other studios and checking out classes.  It doesn't mean I am not completely in love with Twirly Girls and Bel.  It just means I like making new friends.  It's also no secret that I do side work for a company called Social Sonar, which helps businesses with their social media needs.  I have a day job to pay the bills.  Helping pole dance studios (and other businesses) through Social Sonar is a passion of mine.  I enjoy writing and watching small businesses grow (and I feel like small businesses are going to help fix our broken economy someday).  Sure, it would be lovely to one day do it full time and completely immerse myself in the pole dance community.  But, for now, I am happy to do it in my spare time.  I don't make visits to other studios to sell services.  I feel like I am building relationships and making connections so that one day if they DO need a service like that, they know where to come.  And if they don't, I still want to visit their studio and try out new classes. 

Anyway, it sounds like some people are bothered that I'm checking out other studios.  I am up-front and honest with Bel when I go to other studios.  She isn't bothered by it, so I don't know why other people are.  I have no intention of leaving Twirly Girls -- it is my home and my family is there!  Maybe I am being naive in believing I can be a "pole dance ambassador" and bring people together.  But it makes me feel good to at least pretend that I am.  I realize that I am not going to like everyone and certainly, not everyone will like me.  But, for the most part, I get along with people and enjoy meeting new friends.  Plus, most of the studios I'm visiting are far enough away that they are not direct competition with Twirly Girls anyway.  If I went to a studio a mile down the street, then maybe people should be more concerned (or not...).

Anyway, Bel says she wanted to fashion Twirly Girls after One World Crossfit.  They built their business on the concept of creating a family so that you could to any Crossfit in the world and feel like you are at home.  I am trying to continue that with the pole world at large.  I realize there is a difference between the pro circuit and students at "regular ol'" pole dance/fitness studios.  Perhaps the competition circuit will always have a little more of an aggressive feel to it (as it should since it is a competition).  But there is no reason that us regular ol' pole girls can't get along, be friends and support each other.  I have met some amazing ladies during my travels.  For example:  Collette and Felicia from OC Pole Fitness.  Amy from BeSpun.  Christina, Pam, Ellen, Jessica, Amber and Tracey from Poletential.  Diana from Embody Fitness.  And the list goes on...

I think it's great that people love Bel enough to be concerned...but fear not!  I am a Twirly Girl through and through.  Even when I go to Poletential (which, at an hour's drive away, is the closest studio I've visited), Christina always greets us with, "We love when the Twirly Girls visit!!!"  Also, please don't be worried that Bel sold anyone out.  She didn't give me any names but just said that people were worried.  I hope this post puts everyone's minds at ease.  :-)

So what about the rest of you?  Do you try out other studios or do you stick close to home?  Nothing wrong with going either way on this one!


  1. I think what you're doing is great! I'm very much committed to TG and think Bel runs a fantastic operation. But, if we don't mix and spend time with others, how can we grow? Bel runs a business and I choose to spend my $$ with her and her family (could have used team but it's really more of a family) That's not to say that I won't occasionally try another place, but only to experience something different. Different can be good!

  2. I agree! :-) And I guess I should admit here that some of these studios invite me in as a guest and I don't pay for their class. And some classes I pay for. When I come back and review them on here, I don't take that into account though. I talk about my experience as a whole and so far, I've had good ones everywhere I go. It never takes away from Bel because I don't replace my Twirly Girls classes. It's always 'in addition to...' I also work hard for Twirly Girls. I help with the calendar and the Lovely Rita fundraiser. I try to keep Twitter, Facebook and the TG blog updated with fresh content. I also check in on the TG meetup page to make sure events are being placed on there and people are receiving responses. Bel has been amazing to me and I like to repay her by helping her as much as I can in the digital world. (Rita too...who has been busting her ass with some website stuff that I couldn't do on my best day!)

  3. Interesting that some people may have felt this way; the reviews that I have read have all been complimentary. Sometimes people worry that they are going to be judged, I think. I can't see what the problem would be so long as you are open with them re who you are and why you've come to visit.

    Personally, I go to classes at two different studios.

    I work an hour away from home so I go to a studio on Monday nights after work near the the office ( and another one Sunday afternoon near to home (this is where I started dancing -

    Both school's know that I go elsewhere; I even will wear branded singlets from one to lessons at the other occasionally.

    The Sydney pole community is interesting; there have been quite a few schools open up in recent years (and when I say 'Sydney' this could cover 2 hours in any direction from the CBD), but a really broad range of styles that the school's teach.

  4. I was just thinking about this yesterday actually. My home studio is Boulder Spirals in Boulder, CO, and I absolutely love it there. The instructors and the other students are amazing, and it has such a great community feel to it. And since it's only a 5 minute drive away, it's perfect for me!:)

    Then a couple of weeks ago I bought a Groupon to Tease Studio in Denver (Estee Zakar is one of the instructors there), mainly because they have classes on Sundays and BS doesn't, and I will do anything to escape football on Sundays:P Either way I started thinking about if this would be seen as "cheating" on my studio, but my concern was completely unnecessary..:) I like taking classes from different instructors just because everyone has something special they add to their classes, and I feel like I miss out a little if I only ever train with the same people.

    Heck, we should all just be happy that there's enough studios out there for us to try more than just one!:)

  5. We are lucky to have options! :-)