Monday, November 28, 2011

Power of Pole: Meet Courtney!

Amazing story... This is Courtney!

How long have you been pole dancing?
I have been dancing for about 2 years now.

What first drew you to try it?
I grew up in some form of dance. After I graduated High school, got married and moved here to Fayetteville I had this huge void so I looked up dance classes in the Fayetteville area and found the pole classes, tried one and have been doing it ever since.

Where do you take classes?
I take classes at StudioX Polefitness of Fayetteville, NC.

Do you have a pole at home?
Currently no, I had a platinum stage stand alone pole, but I moved into a smaller space after my husband deployed and got rid of it, but plan on getting another one very soon.

How often do you pole? 
Before surgery at least 3 days a week, but usually try to do more if I'm not busy with school or traveling to visit family.

What else do you do to keep your body in shape to pole?
I go to the gym to work with a personal trainer.

Do you like to dance in shoes or barefoot? 
barefoot, because I am currently not able to wear shoes til I get a prosthetic that will allow me to

How do you deal with dry skin on pole days and on off-pole days?
I don't typically have dry skin, I have natural oily skin so I constantly use dry hands while I pole.

What is your favorite product to help you stick to the pole?
dry hands and firm grip

Where do you buy your pole clothes?
bad kitty

What is your favorite song to dance to right now?
Sail-Awolnation or Ring My Bells-Enrique Iglesias

How do you feel like pole has improved or changed your life?
I feel pole has improved or changed my life because I am an amputee who used to be VERY shy about showing my amputation, let alone, go shoeless in front of everyone. But dancing with my friends (which are now girls I call family) they have helped me realize that I can feel sexy and confident even if I am missing a body part. If it weren't for pole dancing I would probably still be this scared little girl who uses knee high socks to cover up my prosthetic every chance I get....It's changed me because I am no longer afraid...So much, that my life goal is to be the first amputee to ever compete in a Pro Level Competition.

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  1. Courtney is an amazing inspiration to the pole community and women in general! She is truly a special spirit that makes us push harder everyday! Love that girl!