Monday, November 14, 2011

Poletry in Motion: Embody Pole Fitness

On Sunday, before heading home, I drove out to Corona to take a class with Krisanna at Embody Pole Fitness.  Apparently it was dance-dance weekend, because this was also not a pole class -- but a classic burlesque class.  Again, I was in a room with poles so I will call it a Poletry in Motion!

You may remember I did a Studio Spotlight on Embody Pole Fitness and Diana recently.  Check it out here

I feel very lucky...I got another adorable chair routine, and ridiculous ab workout for the second day in a row.  Krisanna's class flowed very well.  We warmed up and started with abs on the chair and I wanted to die by the end.  We then learned a routine, piece by piece.  We practiced and practiced.  Then she sat and watched.  Luckily, there were some students in there who were amazing so I had someone to follow.  It's that whole...I can follow the instructor and do what I'm told but I can't dance on my own kind of thing.  :-) 

I guess my only complaint isn't anyone's fault but my own.  We were doing that routine with little fold up plastic chairs and my large-esque ass did not fit on it very well.   So there was one move where we slide around so that we are actually laying backwards on the chair.  My chair tried to dump me on the floor more than once.  I rode that bucking bronco 'til the end, though, and didn't fall off!

After banging out another set of abs that made me want to cry, we got rid of the chairs and learned a short burlesque routine.  I wish I could have videoed our class so I don't forget what we learned.  I love how Krisanna moves.  She's is flexible, has beautiful curves and she looks so sexy when she's just walking.  I am pretty sure I did not look like that. 

By the end of class, I was drenched again, my abs were sore again, and I was very happy with my experience at Embody Pole Fitness.  I also found some goodies to buy in the front, which I am excited to try out Wednesday night at Twirly Girls. 

I was also excited to meet Diana in person.  I really enjoyed chatting with her and hope to take one of her classes when I return to So. Cal. in January!  If you are in the Inland Empire area, please give Embody Pole Fitness a call! 

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