Thursday, November 17, 2011

Power of Pole: This is Annette!

I first heard Annette's story when I was at OC Pole Fitness' open house in September.  It was awesome so I asked her to tell us about it!

How long have you been pole dancing? 
I have been pole dancing since February of this year.

What first drew you to try it?
I was first drawn to it when I saw the owner of OC Pole Fitness, Collette Kakuk out somewhere (I still don’t remember specifics), but she was wearing her OCPF hoodie and I was intrigued. That same week I got a Living Social/Groupon email with a coupon to try out 5 classes at OC Pole Fitness. I thought this was the perfect opportunity. It took me a while to go in the first time and my coupons were about to expire. I wanted to try to lose some weight before I went because I was embarrassed. I finally went for my Intro to Pole Workshop with Collette (which was absolutely amazing) and I was hooked…I knew this was something I had to do! Around that time, they opened up a new program which was a Pole New You 90-Day challenge…I signed up and began my journey.

Where do you take classes?
I take classes at OC Pole Fitness – I try to attend both locations because all of the instructors are so amazing I need to get my fix of all of them.

Do you have a pole at home?
Yes I do have a pole at home, but it doesn’t get as much time as it should LOL

How often do you pole?
I attend classes about 3-5 times per week, including flexibility classes, bodybar/bootcamp classes as well as aerial yoga hammock and cardio cabaret.

I heard you lost a significant amount of weight...tell me about that!
Yes I did LOL! I have lost about 40lbs since starting my workouts at OC Pole Fitness. The program is absolutely amazing, it keeps me so motivated. My body has transformed day after day since starting. Not a week goes by that I don’t notice SOME change in my body. My abilities on the pole are far beyond what I ever expected and the strength and flexibility I have gained are the best I have ever achieved….and I’m only just beginning!!!

What else do you do to keep your body in shape to pole?
I combine the classes at OC Pole Fitness mainly and really try to take full advantage of the array of classes and the great program structure they have built. I will do some stuff at home on occasion, but a lot of it are skills I have learned in class or just simply running around with my 2 pups and fiancé.

Do you like to dance in shoes or barefoot?
I love both. It totally depends on my mood and the song. I really love wearing heels because they really help make me feel feminine and I can do a lot more floor work with heels on without damaging my feet or pedicure. hehe I love the look of barefoot dancing though too…its so simple and pure and really helps to show the accentuation of pointed toes, etc.

How do you deal with dry skin on pole days and on off-pole days?
I actually don’t have dry skin issues…my big issue is that I get sweaty skin when I dance. This sometimes causes problems for me during my free dances and makes me worry during a performance when they come up. I wish I knew a better solution. :/ I do tend to keep my skin moisturized as I know it does help.

What is your favorite product to help you stick to the pole?
Right now I am actually playing around with a few different products. I like using Dry Hands for my hands and sometimes other parts of my body which does help with the sweating a little. I have also tested out some other more tacky products such as iTac2 and Tite Grip which are great for learning the more advanced tricks that don’t require spinning and while building up my strength. I also love the tackier products for spinning pole. 

Where do you buy your pole clothes?
I buy a lot of my pole clothes directly through OC Pole Fitness – they have a great boutique with a really fun selection of products. I love the Bad Kitty Pole Fit collection as well as a lot of the cute Leg Avenue products.

What is your favorite song to dance to right now?
Wow there are so many…but my ultimate favorite right now I would say is Nero-Guilt. Something about that song just really gets me going. I love dancing to dubstep…it is my fav!!!

How do you feel like pole has improved or changed your life?

Pole has both changed and improved my life in so many ways. I am so much more confident now than I was before I started pole and I am constantly learning something new to add to my little piggy bank of moves. I love the constant progression and noticeable changes in my skills day to day. My fiancĂ© also loves that we have a pole at home. LOL He’s even taken a few classes with me and built up some pretty amazing skills! 

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