Monday, January 16, 2012

The Pole Dancing Shop and BeSpun's Pole Show LA 2012

I am extremely excited to announce that Rita, Andrew and I will be attending the Pole Show LA on behalf of The Pole Dancing Shop in just under two weeks.  We will be taping interviews with some amazing pole stars and the videos will be uploaded to The Pole Dancing Shop's website.  

There is already a list of the headliners on The Pole Dancing Shop's website.  Keep an eye on this link for updates and videos!

We are really excited and I will write more about our adventures when we return. 

Is anyone else planning to attend?  I'd love to meet up with some of my pole friends!


  1. I will eagerly be checking here to read about it after you attend! :P

  2. We have all of the performance videos up and about half of the interviews up. More to come soon!!!