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lolorashel, Pole Dance Italy and Pole Show LA

Since I was already going to Pole Show LA, I wrote up a little review for my good friend Valentina at Pole Dance Italy!  She even translated it to Italian.  I feel so fancy!!  Thank you for posting my write-up on your site, Valentina!!!!!!

Find below the ENGLISH VERSION

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, over 400 people gathered at BeSpun in Hollywood, California for their third annual Pole Show LA.   It was a sold out show with a line around the block.  The event was sponsored The Pole Dancing ShopX-PoleMighty GripDew Point and Pole Expo Las Vegas. The showcase included headliners from all over the world, instructors and students from BeSpun, and other notable pole dancers from the area.

Between each performance, there was a short solo by dancers while the pole cleaners did their work.  The soloists included Ariel Jacobs (Alethea Austin’s sister), Alice Hodge, Lena Lockerby, Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant aka Sir D’Lorian Fox (instructor at BeSpun), Becca Armijo (Pole Pumas), Jess Leah (reportedly a brand new pole dancer), Amber Richard (instructor at BeSpun and The Choreography House), Kelly Maglia (who also made many of the costumes), Breezelle Fox (amazing booty poppin’ routine), Margarita Evans, Jennifer Strand, Tiffany Hayden (Glitter Heels), and Dana Davidson.

The show started with “The Honey Fall Girls”, which was choreographed by Leigh Ann Reilly (owner of BeSpun) and included five BeSpun dancers: Andrewa Britz, Kate Chanthanakaew, Emma Danoff, Yvonne Huffman-Lutz and Cash Roses.  Their costumes, designed by Kelly Maglia, were adorable.  They also featured Glitter Heels, which are made by BeSpun instructor, Tiffany Hayden.

The Honey Falls Girls

The first headliner was Prana, who is from Paris, France.  She has been pole dancing since 2008 and teaches at Pole Dance Paris.  Her routine was very wild cat-like.  She is so strong and beautiful to watch.

Prana Pole Show LA

BeSpun’s manager, Amy Guion was next in a piece called “A Long time ago, in a desert far, far away.”  It started with contortionist Fiona Luna and Amy’s partner David Garcia.  The pole portion was set to the Christina Aguilera song, Genie in a Bottle.  It was a really cute routine and really showcased Amy’s flexibility.

Amy Guion Pole Show LA

Zoraya Judd was the second headliner.  If you have not seen Zoraya perform, you really need to watch her.  She is an outstanding performer.  From her hair and make-up to her routine.  She took it to the next level when her husband Nic joined her on stage to hand over a python snake.  She finished her routine on the pole with a snake wrapped around her neck.

Zoraya Judd Pole Show LA

The next piece was called Gemini 3000 and included BeSpun dancers Sergia Louise Anderson, Tami Brandel, Jennifer Jim and Lacy McGarry.  One of the highlights was when all four performers were spinning on one pole.

Gemini 3000 Pole Show LA

Flying Laura Martin absolutely rocked the show.  She pulled out an amazing and completely unexpected hip hop routine with backup dancers, Marta Karwowska and Isabella Konald.  Flying Laura is another performer that you must see in person if you can.  She is such a powerhouse.

Flying Laura Pole Show LA

Leigh Ann Reilly was next with “In the Night.”  It included BeSpun dancers Alex Catalano, Pamela Morency and Angela Relucio.   Leigh Ann started the performance on a motorcycle and later rocked a shoulder stand on it.

Leigh Ann Reilly Pole Show LA

Unfortunately, the sound system went out during Leigh Ann’s performance and an early intermission was called, causing a small change in the lineup.  Even when the performances started again, the sound system was not fixed and most could not hear the one working speaker that appeared to be back stage.

Estee Zakar started her performance in a really cool cat mask.  She is so strong and her routine was really fun to watch.  She does some kind of Iron-X round about that is hard to explain but amazing to watch.

Estee Zakar Pole Show LA

Steven Retchless was next.  His routine was ballet-based and so beautiful. Sadly, the sound was still out, although it gave us an opportunity to enjoy his movement.

Steven Retchless Pole Show LA

The next routine, “Ligature”, was based on Amy Guion’s third-place 2011 California Pole Dance Championship routine.  It involved four dancers: Paula Cavajal, Christine Fields, Tracey Mueller and Lisa Wilhoit.  It included dominatrix inspired costumes and red ropes, from which the dancers could hang from the poles.

Natasha Wang based the character in her routine on a spider that conquers the pole.  Natasha is definitely the sweetheart of pole dancing and we always love watching her performances.  With the sound still not working properly, it did allow the crowd to truly take in her movements.

Natasha Wang Pole Show LA

“Wonderland” was an Alice-in-Wonderland inspire routine danced by Audra Bennett, Lindsey Kimura, Sienna Spalding and Adrienne Strauss.  Adrienne also wrote and performed the music for the piece and created the art in the background.  It was a really fun routine.  Happily, the  speakers started working again about half way through their performance.

Wonderland Pole Show La

Amber Kittle amazed us all by starting her routine on the ceiling in a 20-foot death lay.  Her performance was so fast and athletic.  She had some designs on her body highlighted with a black light, but you didn’t notice them because she moved so quickly.  This girl requires a sturdy pole that connects to the ceiling to do her impressive walk on the ceiling.  No wonder she was not able to compete in 2011′s California Pole Dance Championship on X-Stages!

Amber Kittle Pole Show La

Karol Helms and Alethea Austin teamed up for “Education.”  Alethea was almost unrecognizable at first in a black wig.  Their school girl-themed doubles routine rocked the house and included backup dancers Andrea Britz, Ariel Jacobs, Valarie Miller, Lana Sales, Melissa Schrader and Jennifer Vigil.

Karol Helms and Alethea Austin Pole Show LA

Jenyne Butterfly closed the show.  She is such a sweetheart and is always the crowd favorite.  She claimed earlier in the night that she had not been on the pole much in the previous two months, but you couldn’t tell by the performance she gave.  She has definitely earned the title of “Pole Queen!”

Jenyne Butterfly Pole Show LA

Sure, it was slightly frustrating for many people due to spacing and seating issues (pillars blocked the view for some and those standing were packed in like sardines).  And the speakers being out for a good portion of the show was also disappointing.  But the performances were top notch and we were all lucky to have been able to witness that many amazing pole performers in one place.

If you want to check out videos of the performances, check out this link:
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