Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poletry in Motion: Poletential!

Poletential is really becoming my home away from home.  Even though I am technically from another studio, they have all embraced me and I feel very welcome there.  Nothing can replace my Twirly Girls...I love Bel and every single person at the studio.  But it has certainly been fun meeting up with friends at Poletential on occasion!

Here are some of my past Poletential adventures:

I can't believe its been a week since my last post on the Confessions blog.  I went to Los Angeles for BeSpun's Pole Show LA and was working like mad through the weekend (shout out to Christina from Poletential...she was there too!).  I went to Poletential for Jessica's Pole-In-Motion class on the Sunday before I left on the trip.  Each week the class learns a short routine based on different genres of dance.

That week was Showgirl Style.  I really loved it.  It was simple but really cute and for those of us (ahem, mostly just me) who couldn't do a trick or two, she had options.  I felt like she broke down the pieces into small enough bites so that dance-dummies, like me, could keep up.  I sweat.  Of course.  I had fun.  (TRACEY WAS THERE!)  I also met Samantha there (we met on Studio Veena and she recently moved to the area) and Uzette from Alice Radio (San Francisco radio station, KLLC 97.3 FM).  

I was really excited to meet up with Uzette because she is going to be doing a short pole routine in a couple of weeks at a Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show!  (More info on that later!)

Anyway, I had a great time taking class with Jessica at Poletential.  It has really inspired me to start learning how to DANCE more (not the silly body wiggle that I usually do).   So thank you to Jessica and all of the Poletential girls for being awesome as usual!  I am hoping to actually come out again this Sunday for another hammocks class...gotta check that schedule. 

Uzette and me

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