Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PoleSkivvies' Make a Difference Award

Right before I left for Los Angeles, I had the chance to chat on the phone with THE Jennifer from PoleSkivvies!  She is so sweet and she is absolutely who I wanted to emulate when I started blogging about pole dancing.  She has been part of this industry for awhile now and wants to recognize the people who are really, actually making a difference.  Please check out her website below for more information on nominating someone you know:

I hope you will be nominating someone in your pole world!  The nomination deadline is May 1, 2012.  I already have someone in mind and I can't wait to fill out my nomination form!



  1. Thanks for spreading the gospel of PoleSkivvies! Jennifer is truly an amazing person and what a GREAT idea! I've already nominated my person, and I hope she has SO MANY people to choose from she has to work really hard to pick. ;) Can we nominate Jennifer for her own award???

  2. Trixie, that is a FANTASTIC idea!!!!