Monday, March 26, 2012

Luenell learns to pole dance

On a beautiful evening down in Los Angeles, California, I was very lucky to be at BeSpun for Pole Show LA.  Sitting behind me was someone I recognized.  I couldn't place it but I knew she was SOMEONE.  The very short blonde hair...  I racked my brain.  Then it hit me...FRENCHIE DAVIS!  I don't watch a lot of TV but I remembered her vaguely from American Idol years and years ago and heard she was on The Voice.  I was certain that Frenchie Davis was sitting behind me at Pole Show LA.


Not unlike asking a woman if she is pregnant when she's just chubby (I've always said, unless you see a baby hanging OUT or her body, never ask), don't tell a celebrity who they are...unless you know with 100% certainty.

I was schooled.  Quickly.  And on Twitter.

The lovely lady sitting behind me was Luenell, the hooker with a heart of gold from the movie, Borat.  In my defense, I haven't seen Borat since it came out six years ago!  Ahhh but there is no excuse and I feel very lucky that Luenell has tolerated me ever since.  I found out she learned how to pole dance for the upcoming movie, That's My Boy with Adam Sandler, so I wanted to include her in my blog.  Since she travels a lot for movies and her comedy tours, typing her answers out for me wasn't an option.  We tried a Skype session but the audio somehow wasn't recorded.  Then Luenell came to town on tour, so I loaded up Rita and some camera equipment and off we went!  

Here is the video interview with the hilarious and amazing LUENELL:

Here are some photos (including one of Frenchie you too can make fun of me for being an idiot):

 Luenell on stage at Tommy T's in Rancho Cordova for her surprise birthday party!
 Luenell showing us one of the awesome t-shirts that was made for her.
 During the interview...calling me out for calling her Frenchie.
 At Pole Show LA!
 Frenchie Davis.

Here are some photos from our evening at the comedy show:

Keep up with Luenell at her website,, or on twitter: @Luenell.

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