Thursday, March 22, 2012

National Aerial Pole Art Championship

The last weekend in February, there was an "elite gathering to celebrate the most talented athletes in the nation and the art of pole dance."  The National Aerial Pole Art Championship was held in Las Vegas.  I wasn't able to attend since my brother got married that weekend, but I did watch some of the performances on their live stream on the internet.  Liz from Beauty in Motion Fitness kindly posted her videos on YouTube, so I thought I would share her videos with you!

The bass is kind of over powering but the performances are amazing.  Enjoy! 

Dima Shine (guest performer):


Philip Deal:

Very powerful.

Sir D'Lorian "Bad Azz" Fox:

David C. Owen (third place in male category):

Suwasit Ritthiphon (second place in male category and most artistic):

Derick Pierson (2012 Male Champion):

Jenyne Butterfly (guest performer):

Flying Laura (judge and guest performer):

Doneshia "Egypt" Crowder:

Lorinda Kay:

Winter Rainone:

Brynne Route:

Holly "Honey" Miely

LOVED this performance.

Mary Ashton (third place in female category):

"Pink Puma" Polina Volchek (second place in female category and most flexible):

Nadia Sharif (2012 Female Champion):

Unfortunately, Bunni Luv's video was blocked due to copyright grounds.  :-(

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