Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Aussie Pole Sister, Andria Rose!

When I was having a tough time coming off my anti-depression meds, Andria sent some some really encouraging messages on Facebook.  For that, I will forever be grateful.  I apologize for taking so long to get this up, but HERE IS ANDRIA!

How long have you been pole dancing?
I've been dancing for about 5 years, minus some time for a broken arm (which I got falling off a ladder, not poling). This broken arm has actually impacted my poling a lot as it was my right wrist, so I have been a bit creative with the way I do some moves now. Has slowed me down a little, but made me think more!

This photo was taken by Andria's awesome son, Jonny :)
What first drew you to try it?
My friend Julie wanted to try it and asked if I wanted to do it too. I already trained a lot just to be fit and healthy so I thought, 'why not, an 8 week term will be fun'. I responded with, 'well, I think its something every newly divorced woman should do!' and off we went. I started at Lady Love dance studio for 8 weeks and quickly got hooked. It was hard, the lady let me invert and I learned quickly. At home I was stepping out my routines with no pole, and I tried so hard to remember the moves. I decided to keep going after my first term, and started saving for a pole.

After a while my training at gym became about getting better at Pole quicker but not in the wrong way; I'm a big fan of using strength not momentum for moves (which Jamilla's DVDs taught me).

Where do you take classes or do you teach?
I don't do classes at a set studio anymore. I started at Lady Love, and after I broke my arm I retrained myself (as I wasn't going to pay money to get back what I had) and I found myself progressing well with YouTube and DVDs (I have quite a collection now!) I was quite happy doing that and then met Alex from Flirty Fitness at my first comp. I had been wanting to set up some kind of dance troup just to jam and do performances so we decided to do that together and I booked her to help me with my choreography for my first miss pole comp. I ended up teaching there briefly and now I teach privately from time to time and take private lessons, workshops and casual with all different schools. I've trained at Pole Revolution in Tasmania, Flirty Fitness, The Pole Boutique with Carlie Hunter and this week I'm training Chris Measday (both compet[ed] in IPC!!!). I have trained in Victoria with Lisa from Vertical Fitness, done workshops with Anastasia Shukoratova, Natasha Wang, Michelle Hafner, and I'm sure there's more. My plan is to train with every studio in Adelaide this year and book privates as I need to develop specific skills. I find that each person has something different to bring to instruction and where I dont get one person's explanation, I COMPLETELY get another's. I also massively benefit from one to one coaching and seem to miss the ball in class (I think its my dyslexia, I actually need to be moved and very specifically instructed to get it, but then i get it quick!) An example is the flag to brass monkey move - try as I might with an old friend to figure it out, we couldn't, then I had coaching in a class environment (no good either), then Lisa from Vertical Fitness watched me one time and said 'oh, you need to do x' and spotted me, then it was mine! So exciting.

This photo is by Andria and Wenna.
So I don't do the 'go to one studio' thing. I like to play with all the children in the playground (read as 'train where I need when I need') and have the freedom to move and play and dance the way I need to so I can grow. The other thing is I have a 15 year old who does sport too which keeps me busy! I would really like to set up something in Adelaide for all people to jam and perform - not for me to teach, quite literally jam once or twice a  week and put on a showcase here and there, just like Aerial Amy's Flight Club (how cool would it be if there were flight clubs all around the world hey!!) just so people can perform a bit more. Adelaide needs some of that opportunity without the stress of it being a comp (but comps are sooo needed and I would love more here!) I set up a Facebook page for polers in Adelaide where studios share their training opportunities, and hopefully one day I'll have time to actually do this 'jam and perform' thing. I do performances solo and am booked for some, but it's way better to play with friends! The page for those who want to join is

Do you have a pole at home?
Yes, it is front of a full length / full wall mirror which I am super scared of moving house and missing! I love it. Its a 45mm brass (coated?? I forget now) X-Pole.

How often do you pole?
3-4 times a week at the moment and moving to 5. I do it after work as it helps me unwind and works my muscles like nothing else. If I'm in tune with myself and pick a song I resonate with, I might even be lucky and get a cry in too! I work on different set of moves each day and focus on those for a month. I have warm up fun ones (like shoulder stands, forearms stands, and chin ups...) and new moves, and moves to maintain and 'what I'm working towards. Keeps me focused!

This photo is by Adam Jay.
What else do you do to keep your body in shape to pole?
I have really enjoyed Pilates and Fitball. Pilates has really helped my deep core and Fitball is great for functional moves that we need for pole. For example, a roll in to pike (repeated 10-20x) works your upper body, back and your core for things like shoulder mounts, and the brass monkey. My favourite complimentary activity at the moment is Bodyrock ( I do at least half an hour most mornings before work and it works everything. I have stopped running and am getting better results, am stronger and it's so accessible. I also live and love the Paleo lifestyle; my food is yum and I don't feel like I'm missing out. There's stacks of recipe sites; I have one called 'whole-food recipe sharing' on Facebook, but Entertaining Paleo is way better! (mine is new :)). I train and have trained for a long time to keep a healthy mind firstly and foremostly and think we all need to do that really. You don't know how amazing you can be til you clear your mind by eating well and training hard. I have suffered here and there from anxiety, depression and what always helps is food and diet - and counseling - but I always feel better after training.

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