Friday, April 27, 2012


So I haven't hit many of my goals lately.  But I wanted to make one list in one post so I could more easily keep track of the goals I'm not reaching.  I have been spending a lot of time practicing the early levels from my first few months at Twirly Girls since I am now teaching a beginner class.  My class will soon be climbing and inverting and we will either have to bring in a more advanced instructor or farm out my poor little students to other classes (which was my concern about teaching in the first place).  In my defense, I have been paying attention in class to the girls who DO invert and have been there to spot many of them.  So even though I know some have said mean things about me teaching more advanced classes, I understand the mechanics of how moves happen, even if I am not able to execute them myself.  If that makes sense.  I am really excited about how everyone is progressing and hope I am building a solid foundation for them as Bel did for me.  

Here are a list of my pole goals:


I DID do a mini-version of a Superman.  It freaking hurt like hell.  I mean, my thigh surgery was no cake walk and Superman reminded me that pain.  There are some photos of that fun posted below.


I can do handstands all day long.  I am working on my core so that I don't NEED to do them against a pole or wall and so that I can lower my legs with more control.  

Reverse Handstand

This is somewhat of a new move for me.  It is when your body is facing the pole instead of away like in a regular handstand.  It is also the ending position for coming down from some inverts.  However, since I am not inverting, I have to do a downward dog move with my ass as close to the pole as possible, then reach up with my super un-bendy leg and back, press the sensitive top of my foot into the pole and push myself upward.  It hurts if I do it more than once or twice in a row.  Thanks to Kat, I finally have the ability to grip the pole with my knees and legs and help myself walk my hands back toward the pole.  However, once I am perfectly upside down, I panic and dive out.  It's weird.  

Bow and Arrow from a Handstand

I've lost a lot of flexibility lately and my leg that hangs down is getting further and further away from the ground.  Must make more time for yoga!!!


I have done nothing to further this goal.  I want to pick up Alethea's DVDs soon.


Same...nada.  I suck.


Some days I'm a little monkey.  Some days I'm not.  I'd like to be more consistent.  


I had made a goal of inverting by the time the Third Annual Lovely Rita rolled around (I think I made the same goal last year).  It didn't happen.  But I am working on my core strength and am closer every day to inverting SAFELY and PROPERLY.  I can do it if someone helps shove me into it, but I know that's not the right way to do it.

Cross-Knee/Ankle Release

I haven't tried this one in awhile.  Since I'm the fattest ass in class, I don't really do a lot of these moves unless Doug or someone more my height is in class to spot me.

Lying Lady/Plank

I haven't tried this one much but I bet I could get a little closer to lying flat.  So much of my issues are in my own head!!!

Half Iguana Mount

I actually figured out I have the shoulder flexibility to get both hands on the pole behind me (full Iguana Mount).  So once I'm a little stronger, this will be MINE!!!!


Next year, I want to get X-Pert certified.  Why next year?  I'm poor and I feel embarrassed that I'm two and a half years into pole dancing and still not inverting.  Why X-Pert?  I respect that Aerial Amy did it (among many other reasons).  I also like Climb & Spin, but it was a bit more expensive. 

So there you go.  What are some of your pole goals?  Maybe I can add them to my list.  :-)


  1. way to go with the handstand goal! I need to increase my upper body strength so much!

    1. No way...I bet you can do it right now! You just don't know it!