Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All Pole Goals Updated

In April, I did an update of "all" pole goals.  I figured I should rein this thing in and start updating them on a more regular basis.  Check out my other post HERE.

Here are my pole goals and how I'm doing in them.


This one is fairly easy for me now.  I just need to work on flexibility to do more "things" once I'm in a handstand and more core strength to control the movement better up and down. I'm working on two versions.  One facing the pole, one facing away. 

Me with Natasha Wang...she is so flexible and why the hell is my foot turned like that???

Bow and Arrow from a handstand

My back is fairly inflexible.  So I am working on this one.  We did a video at Twirly Girls recently that shows it better than a photo can.


Another work in progress.  Emphasis on the work, not the progress.


Again, inflexible back...and will be a difficult one for me.


I have successfully climbed during two classes.  It's still a struggle for me, but I am working on it!


Although I have inverted a couple of times with help, I realized I needed to work on my core to do it safely.  Not only for me but for the safety of my spotters (I'm 6 feet tall and well over 200 need to squish my 5 foot tall teacher).  But I have been going to pilates and am working hard to get into better shape.  I made a goal at the last Lovely Rita to invert at the 2012 event.  I am still working on that goal!

Cross-Knee Release (or someday, Cross-Ankle Release)

I require help to get upside down once I'm in the "sit" position.  So my goal is to get the strength to lower my own body.  Then it will be to do this higher off the ground.  Then the next goal will be to have the strength to sit back up.  Currently, I hang upside for a minute, then slowly melt to the floor.

What are your pole goals?


  1. I have never ever tried to do a hand stand, but I am slowly getting comfortable with my elbow stands, so hand stand is up next! Other goals I am working toward is getting my reverse grab spins, cross knee release, my first invert, and in general more leg flexibility, as I can't do fan legs or anything else that requires my legs to spread far..:P

  2. Yeah I need more flexibility as well. And I actually found handstands easier than headstands because the headstand/tripod on the elbows hurt my neck. So you might be ready! :-D