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Pioneer of Pole: PANTERA!

Pantera is definitey a friend to Twirly Girls.  She was also one of my first pole interviews.  After she kindly answered all my questions, I had a few more.  I tried to break out of the mold a little and start tailoring questions more to the individual.  Also, many interviewees listed Pantera as an inspiration and pioneer of making pole dancing what it is today.  Pantera has indulged me in my second request for an interview and for that, I will be forever grateful.

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Now, here is Pantera, Pioneer of Pole!

You are one of the pioneers of bringing pole dance/fitness to the mainstream. According to your bio, you started as an exotic dancer in 1999. What made you decide to leave the clubs and start your journey of becoming the World's Most Famous Pole Dancer?

Let me say I've never left the clubs.  I perform at events in strip bars all the time.  If there is one thing I am not is ashamed of my past and where it has brought me today.  I firmly believe that knocking the exotic foundations or the people that made this art form so popular is the most ridiculous thing as many respectable pioneers who were or still are strippers.  To quote Jesus, "Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her."

All that being said when I won the national title there was nothing left for me in that world.  I loved the performance and I wanted to do more of it.  I wouldn't have been able to do it without some of my dearest friends and long time business partners.  As always its the people behind the scenes, the trainers, teachers and family who deserve the credit. I am just the face.

Who are other pole pioneers that you admire?

I respect the other pioneers because of their success and contributions. I admire people for different reasons.

You have traveled the world, bringing the joy of pole dance to so many people.  Which country is your favorite and why?

That is too hard to answer. The world is a place full of tradition, heritage, customs and attractions and I have been fortunate to witness and be apart of so much of it.

From Pantera's Facebook fan page:
You have one DVD called Pole Tricks 101, but I heard that a second DVD was going to be released soon.  When will that DVD be released and what will it be called?

There will not be any additional DVDs. I am hoping to do an internet based library of moves, progressions and personal training. Although I love to travel I am getting older and I love being at home more and more. Living out of a suitcase is losing its luster.

Your tattoos are so amazing.  What is their meaning?

My tattoo's meaning is solely for myself. However, there is a note on my fan page with answers to many questions if you are curious.  [Note: see below for link and copy/paste from the fan page.]

Tell us one thing about you that people might be surprised to hear.

I'm amazingly prudish and shy. :) Not kidding

What does 2012 hold for you?

2012 hopefully holds the key to where I will put down some roots and a permanent pole.

Please visit Pantera's fan page on Facebook.  You can read her note about her tattoos here:

Full Body Tattoo...All Your Questions Answered
by Pantera Blacksmith on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 1:02pm 
Yes, they are REAL tattoos.
"My heaven's what did you do to your body?" is a question commonly asked by older ladies. I look down at myself and back at them and ask if this is a trick question.
100+ Hours. I decided that triple digits were impressive enough so I stopped keeping track.
I do not know how much it cost. I just pay the man and he makes me more beautiful.
There was no specific design or lay out. I go in, he draws something. I like it or I dont. He erases what I don't like and makes something else happen. Its tattooist designed, Pantera approved.
Tattoos are more painful in some spots than others. Yes, it hurt.
The artist is Jack Carter. He does not work in a shop so if you want him, you'll have to go through me. No retards please.
Jack is the only artist I've ever had. A bunch of my friends were getting work by him and I liked it. If it's not broke don't fix it. I guess you can say I got lucky.
The tattoo itself has meaning only to me. To you, its just a bunch of scribbley lines.
No I am not done.
Yes I am crazy.
No I do not plan to explain anything to the children I will not be having.
The only pattern I can wear without looking extremely busy is zebra.
On a daily basis people ask me all these questions at least once.
It was not done in one sitting.
The first piece was done around my left boobie over ten years ago.
The second piece around my right boobie.
My parents found out after I had already completed the front torso. My father now calls me the "Circus Lady."
I will be continuing to add onto this post as the tattoo continues to grow
If I happened to miss a question please feel free to ask :)
Thanks @Jack Cutter

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  1. I was very excited & honored to see Pantera perform at the Blue Lake Casino, in Humboldt, CA! She was absolutely amazing and I'm happy to say was the first live pole performance I have ever witnessed! I can only hope to one day be blessed with half her agility and strength!! I <3 Pantera!