Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I attended PPC last month...

Life has been so crazy and I'm way behind in some of my planned posts.

Last month, I attended the Pacific Pole Championships.  You can read about the competition HERE.

Rita and I traveled to LA for the May 19, 2012 competition, not only to watch but to support Diana, who is also an instructor at Twirly Girls.

PPC was a competition that lasted 12+ hours and I tried to stay for the entire show.  I thought it was really well-run and well-lit ( many showcases and competitions are really crappy for videos and photos).  There were various genres of dance and multiple levels.  I saw some great plus-sized pole dancers represent!!  There were somewhere around 81 performances.  I missed four (sorry, needed a potty break sometime!  Thank you to Rita for feeding my face so I didn't have to leave!).  I personally took 36 videos (Rita has more, including photos).

Rather than post all of the videos here, you can visit my YouTube page: and search "Pacific Pole." 

Post note:  I made a play list on YouTube!  Check it out here:

Here are the WINNERS:

Artistic-Dramatic Level 1:

1. Carolyn Ip
2. Elese Orrell
3. Christina Lares

Artistic – Dramatic Level 2:

1. Tine Be
2.  April Burks
3.  Danielle Cloutier
4.  Rachel Melvin
5.  Macha Schneider
6. Vanny Aquino
7. Summer Vaughan
8. Amber Powell

Artistic – Dramatic Level 3:

1. Egypt
2. Uyen Hoang
3. Sayaha Aida
4. Rhiannan Nichole*
5. Rebekah Hennes*
6. Waeli Wang*
7. Sarah Mann
8. Diana Kottke
9. Kelli Hurley
10. Angela Cardwell
11. Kris Iriye
12. Chelsea Sedlak

* Total Scores tied – tiebreaker of Stage presence scores used to determine ordinals

Artistic-Dramatic Level 3 Masters:

1.  Leesi Ruskaup
2.  Greta Pontarelli
3.  Tina Oliver

Artistic – Entertainment Level 2:

1.  Monica Deomampo
2.  Erin Lawrence
3.  Katherine Doberne*
4.  AJ Artman*
5.  Tessa Gordon
6.  Karina Ortega
7.  Becca Armijo
8.  Ronda Clure
9.  Shawna Gatineau

* Total Scores tied – tiebreaker of Stage presence scores used to determine ordinals

Artistic-Entertainment Level 3:

1.  JillAnne
2.  Miyoko Rifkin
3.  Kate Cotruvo
4.  Jamie Apostol*
5.  Briyanae Jackson*
6.  Hyun Jung Kim
7.  Nadine Young

* Total Scores tied – tiebreaker of Stage presence scores used to determine ordinals

Freedance Level 2:

1. Macha Schneider
2.  Lauren Lanza
3.  Amber Powell
4.  Rachel Melvin

Freedance Level 3:

1.  Egypt
2.  Sergia Louise Anderson
3.  Rhiannan Nichole
4.  Celeste Ayers
5.  Christina Jondle
6.  Irina Sevdyukova
7.  Julia Kurz
8.  Trisha McKinstry
9.  Leesi Ruskaup
10. Rebekah Hennes

Championship Level 1:

1.  Christina Lares
2.  Kathleen Pate

Championship Level 2:

1.  Tiffany Rose Mockler
2.  Felicia Montoya
3.  Lace McGarry
4.  Lola Singer
5.  Carolyn Vaughn
6.  Marissa Freeman
7.  Lauren Lanza
8.  Jinny Gram

Championship Level 3:

1.  Sergia Louise Anderson
2.  Jennifer Kim
3.  Chalese Stevens
4.  Egypt
5.  Waeli Wang
6.  Sayaha Aida
7.  Julia Kurz
8.  Trisha McKinstry
9.  Jennifer Jennings
10. Nadine Young
11. Irina Sevdyukova
12. Tina Oliver
13. Greta Pontarelli
14. Gemma Bessey
15. Bianca Sako

My biggest complaint/concern was that some of these poor ladies were bruised to the point of distraction.  I understand you can't always avoid those badges of honor, but I am wondering if one of the pros can come with some advice on timing practices so that you aren't THAT banged up prior to a competition (maybe I just haven't noticed it before because most of the other shows I've been to weren't so well lit).  Also, ladies...I love you and I get this is an issue that can't always be helped, but please understand the first few rows are able to see most of your naughty bits.  If you are having issues with bumps after waxing, maybe wear shorts instead of bikini-type bottoms.

I was disappointed there weren't any men competing and I wouldn't mind seeing a doubles category next year.  And despite my criticisms above (not really the competition's fault), I enjoyed all of the performances!  Congratulations to Amy and Bayleigh for putting on a great competition!  I look forward to next year!


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing all those videos!

    1. You're welcome! I finally made a play list as well. You can see the videos here:

  2. Great post! Also, there are no "naughty bits" on the gorgeous human body. None!

    1. lol...good point. But the wax bumps or razor burn on some of the girls was pretty bad. I felt bad for them. I imagine sticking that to a pole didn't feel very nice!