Thursday, June 28, 2012

International Pole Dance Masters Cup

Rita and I drove down to Los Angeles early in order to catch the International Pole Dance Masters Cup presented by Anjel Dust Productions.  The event was hosted by Jenyne Butterfly. 

Other than showing up late because it took 90 minutes to drive 15 miles in Los Angeles traffic, the event was a lot of fun.  I have decided that doubles are now my favorite type of pole dance.  I am also amazed by the acrobatics being incorporated into pole.  I really can't call many of the performances pole dance because they are mostly pole acrobatic tricks.  I do enjoy the tricks but I also really enjoy the dance, so I hope that it doesn't get lost in the quest for the Olympics. 

Again, it is easier to show you than talk about the performances, so check out the YouTube play list below!

The highlight of the evening for me was probably driving Steven Retchless and Doris Arnold back to the hotel.  We made a late night stop at Burger King for food.  Who knew these people could eat French Fries?!  Anyway, both were very, very sweet and I really enjoyed chatting with them. 

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