Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pole Art 2012...and the winner is...

Pole Art 2012 was held last weekend in Sweden.  I was unable to attend but have been excitedly watching videos as they are posted to YouTube.  I wanted to at least post the winners here on my blog.

Pole Art 2012 Female Champion:  Oona Kivela

Runner up:  Natasha Wang

Third place:  Lolo Hilsum

Fourth place: Phoenix Kazree

Fifth place:  Rafaela Montanaro

Pole Art 2012 Male Champion:  Saulo Sarmiento

Runner up (tie):  Steven Retchless

Runner up (tie):  Evgeny Greshilov

Third place:  Patryk Rybarski

Here is Jenyne Butterfly's guest performance:

Showcase performances

Michelle Stanek:

Ekaterina Romanova:

Dance Theater "Trash:"

Intellego Pole Company:

Additional competitors:

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