Thursday, August 9, 2012

PoleArt 2012 is this month!

Earlier this year, I talked to the creators of PoleArt, a pole competition and showcase that switches between Sweden and Finland.  This year, the 4th annual event is in Sweden.  I wanted to publish the list of competitors!

Female Competitive Category

    Anastasia Skukhtorova, Russia
    Laurence Hilsum, France
    Maria Luz Escalante, Argentina
    Natalia Egorova, Russia
    Natasha Wang, USA
    Oona Kivelä, Finland
    Phoenix Kazree, USA
    Polina Volchek, USA
    Rafaela Montanaro, Brazil
    Tracey Simmonds, South Africa

Male Competitive Category

    Evgeny Greshilov, Russia
    Patryk Rybarski, Poland
    Saulo Sarmiento, France
    Steven Retchless, USA
    Wilson Alexander Meija, Colombia


    Ekaterina Romanova, Russia
    Intellego Pole Company, Sweden
    Michelle Stanek, USA
    Pole Dance Theatre "TRASH"

Guest Performance

    Jenyne Butterfly, USA

What an AMAZING show this is going to be!  I really wish I had the funds and time off to attend.  How about any of you...are you going?? 

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