Monday, August 13, 2012

Poletential's Third Air Show!

Poletential has DONE IT AGAIN!  Their third Air Show was another huge success.  (Check out my post about the second Air Show HERE.) 

This time, the show was on a Friday night, and the ENTIRE REST OF THE WEEKEND was filled with poletastic workshops and events.

The show was headlined by David C. Owen, Nadia Sharif, Flying Laura, Amber Richard, Aerial Amy and the Paper Doll Militia.  Also, many of the amazing students and instructors from Poletential performed.  I think one of my favorite things about a Poletential show is the caliber of performer that they create.  All of the students do such a great job of getting into character.

Anyway, I could talk all day about how amazeballs the performers were.  Nadia Sharif spinning and climbing through an aerial cube.  David C. Owen bending in the craziest ways.  Flying Laura killing it, even though she's still nursing a broken finger.  Aerial Amy making it look easy with her sexy floor work and flawless spins.  Amber Richard busting out an awesome reprise of her Girls Next Door 80's performance.  And local performers, the Paper Doll Militia doing a jaw-dropping silks routine on CHAINS.  But you don't want to read my review.  You want to watch it yourself!  Check out the YouTube play list:

The rest of the weekend was really great too.  Due to some other issues, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to participate in any other events.  On Saturday, Twirly Girls had their 2013 calendar shoot.  It was a long (but fun) day.  But, after the shoot, Rita and I headed back over the bridge to meet Annemarie Davies and Alex Davies (from United Pole Artists), as well as Nadia Sharif (a freaking pole ninja).  And things just got crazier from there.  We joined the Poletential crowd at a local pub where we mingled with the rest of the pros and students from the studio.  There are not many words to explain what happened next.  Mostly just: Best.  Night.  Ever.  hahaha!  Pictures are below.

As we dropped Annemarie, Alex and Nadia off at the hotel, Nadia encouraged Rita and I to come to her workshop the next morning.  At first, I declined, mostly because I had been running around all weekend and needed to do some things at home.  Then I decided, why really shouldn't pass up opportunities when they are smacking you in the face.  So, on Sunday, we attended Nadia and Mina's doubles workshop.  Then I stayed for Aerial Amy's fluidity and floorwork workshop.

The doubles workshop was so fun.  Nadia and Mina are such a great team.  They seem to know what the other is thinking at all times.  We did some partner stretches, then worked on a few pole moves.  The entire workshop lasted over two hours.  Rita and I were not advanced enough to do some of the moves, and since I am a sweaty beast, its really hard for me to partner up with people anyway.  But I felt like we learned a lot.  I did successfully complete an acro shoulder stand off of David C. Owen's thighs!  I so wish I had a photo of that.  Sorry about the whole vagina in your face, David!

Amy's floorwork workshop was amazing in a different way.  We spent an entire 90 minutes on the floor.  Crawling and writhing.  Tossing our hair.  Moving our bodies in very sexy ways.  I don't know how to really describe it.  Sexy is not really something I pull off very well and this definitely took me out of my comfort zone ... in a good way.  I tried very hard to not watch myself in the mirror, as I get VERY self-conscious.  But Amber Richard paid me a very sweet compliment and said I looked just fine.  Sexy is not a size.  Confidence is sexy.  I keep forgetting that.

As I sit here on a Monday morning, tired and sore, I am so glad that I didn't turn down any opportunities.  I had such a great time all weekend and I want to say that I really adore my new little friend, Nadia (she really is tiny, her head only comes up to my boobs!).  My boobies can be her pillows any day!

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