Friday, August 17, 2012

Dance 4 Ice - Save The Arctic!

Sure, you love pole dancing but have you ever wondered if you could combine your love of pole with a great charity?  Pole Spin Magazine has Pole For A Cause.  We at Twirly Girls started Twirl For A Cause.  There is also a Pole For A Purpose.  There are so many ways to get involved in your community to raise money for a great cause.  

Recently, I covered the upcoming showcase and competition in Sweden, PoleArt 2012.  You can check out those posts here:

Recently, I saw a post from PoleArt creator, Nelle Swan.  In addition to putting on this amazing show, they are adding a great charity to it.  Here is her post from Facebook:
Friends! Colleagues! Here it is - we can explain why we've been unreachable and living under a rock the past couple of months.
Myself, Serena Mon De Vienne and many other volunteers have been involved in developing a campaign that enables dancers to contribute to a more sustainable environment. A campaign that is also a part of POLE ART 2012!

There's a part of the world that is being horribly exploited by large corporation yet this environmental degradation is kept under wraps. Now YOU (dancer of otherwise) can make a change. 
Lets go together, create a buzz and build awareness of what's going on!
This isn't about clicking on a button - it'll take more effort and muscle power than that. But if you really want to MAKE a difference, here's a chance:
Watch this video:
The Arctic move is borrowed from pole dancing and can be virtually done by anyone. Our choreographer Serena Mon De Vienne, founder of Intellego Pole company, has selected a simple Arctic move for you to try out anywhere and anytime. In our video we show you just how easy it is, and give examples of jumping on a streetlamp or traffic sign and do the move. Here are some simple steps to get engaged.

1) Watch the tutorial video
2) Make your interpretation of the move.
3) Capture it on video, upload it on YouTube or Vimeo and share here. Your smart phone video camera quality will do. If you get more than 500 signatures for Saving the Arctic on your video page, you will be rewarded! Read full instructions
So, what are you waiting for?!  Check out the website for FULL instructions, then get out there and try the move!  

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  1. It also has a competition for skilled pole dancers!

    Do you know how to work the pole? Make a video of yourself dancing for the Arctic. Choreograph or freestyle a new routine for the Arctic and make sure you use the theme song provided for you. The dancer who gets the most signatures for saving the Arctic on their video page will win an awesome prize to star in a mind-blowing pole dance video directed by a known director!"

    The campaign is run by Greenpeace, in collaboration with pole dancers from Intellego Pole Company, North Pole studio and Pole Art 2012.