Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My 9th Surgiversary

On March 17, 2013, I turned 9.  That is, my gastric bypass surgery, the supposed new beginning in life, was nine years ago.  Sure, my life has changed a lot.  For better?  For worse?  Who knows.

I spent my new-birthday doing what most 9 year olds would love to do...I went to Disneyland.  I had such a good time.  I will post some photos below. 

I am otherwise in a weird place mentally.  I don't really have much to say that I haven't ranted about already lately, so I will post some of my recent gastric bypass related posts, starting with my 8th surgiversary post last year (which links to other helpful posts):


Read about ulcers: http://lolorashel.blogspot.com/2013/03/ulcers-after-gastric-bypass-no-no-list.html

Read about bone spurs and calcium: http://lolorashel.blogspot.com/2013/03/bone-spurs-calcium-heart-attacks-and.html

I knew it wasn't the case but somewhere in the back of my mind, I guess I thought I'd have surgery and be thin, rich and beautiful.  Here I am, still working too much, still fat and not necessarily feeling very beautiful.  Happy new-birthday to me.  But thank you to Jimmy and Yolanda for a really, really fun Disneyland adventure, where I didn't think about it even once!  :-)


  1. It always surprises me when gorgeous women don't feel that they're gorgeous. Every single time you post pictures, I think, "Wow, she is sooo pretty."

    1. You are so sweet. Thank you. There is definitely something wrong with my brain. I'm trying to fix it and be happy with myself the way I am -- no matter HOW I am at that moment. But I'm definitely struggling. Maybe I need to consider some big life changes in the near future. :-)