Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update: Vitamins and Gastric Bypass

In 2011, I wrote a post about the vitamins I take.  Although I mostly take the same vitamins (so you can read the old post HERE about why I take them), I wanted to post an update to types and amounts. 

I still take a Target/generic brand prenatal pill as my multi-vitamin.

I, for a short time, started taking iron due to slight anemia last year, but am back to normal and have discontinued taking iron.

I also still take echinacea.  Who knows if it works, but I take an immuno-suppressant to help with my psoriasis and I feel like any help I can get to ward away colds is a necessary evil.  The Stelara shot suppresses my immune system and can make me stay sick longer.  So I try to avoid getting sick.

I also still take a daily dose of L-Lysine (1,000 mg) to ward off cold sores.  Since I have a stressful job, keeping those at bay is one of my number one concerns.  I know it seems silly, but I REALLY hate cold sores.

I have been lax on the acidophilus.  It's in my fridge.  I kind of forget about it. 

I take B12 daily.  1,000 mcg.  Post-surgery instructions suggested twice a week, but I figure it can't hurt to take it more often. 

Even though I find myself to be a bit sensitive to niacin (B3), I am back to taking a B-complex vitamin.  I was low in B1 awhile back, so its one of those vitamins that I need to take.  Sometimes if I'm vitamin shopping at somewhere like Target, I can't find B1 alone, so I'll just lazily grab a B-complex.

I also take calcium-citrate (500 mg) with Vitamin D and Magnesium.  Read HERE about calcium.

I still take a Vitamin D3 (2,000 IU) pill, but have switched to the "dry" version.  Most Vitamin D pills are oily capsules that look like mini Vitamin E's.  Apparently gastric bypass patients can have a hard time absorbing those (I'm hoping to write a post about that soon). 

I still take a Vitamin E dl-alpha (400 IU) pill.  It is an oily capsule, so who knows if I am absorbing it properly.

I have stopped taking the joint supplement.  It's expensive and I'm not sure it was helping that much.

I am still taking an omega-three supplement.  I have switched from regular fish oil to krill oil.  It contains 420 mg of Phospholipids.  The switch is due to my newly-found heart issue (I was also informed that my new issue is not necessarily related to my old issue....I now have an inflamed heart.  Before I had an enlarged heart.).  Anyway, the krill oil is supposed to help with inflammation.

I have added magnesium to the mix (250 mg each...but I take two to three per day).  You can read about my adventures with magnesium and sweat HERE.

I also added 50 mg of zinc and a CoQ10 supplement (100 mg).  I try to remember to take a little Vitamin C from time to time as well. 

I basically take my cache of pills and eat them at work with dried apricots and almonds or pistachios (I do not take most vitamins on the weekend).  Some vitamins are fat-soluble so eating a little fat with them will help with absorption.  Along with everything else, I'm taking a daily baby aspirin for the heart issue and take Aleve for body aches -- mostly my foot issue (yes, I am aware I shouldn't take either).  I rarely get headaches but will take Tylenol for that.  I take allergy pills for my year-round "seasonal" allergies. 

Vitamins are VERY important post-surgery.  (Read Melissa's story HERE.)  I am nine years post-op and still get my blood tested every year.  Every year I'm low in something new.  I am hoping to be in normal ranges for all tests this year.  I am certainly taking more than enough pills to make that happen!

What vitamins are you taking and are there some you think you should be taking but aren't?  Tell me about them here!

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