Wednesday, April 17, 2013

United Pole Artists

Recently, I became a member of United Pole Artists.  Not only do I like to keep up on important news in the pole industry, but I like to support my pole family.  I realize that my new day job hasn't allowed me a lot of time to pole and do interviews, and I still feel very strongly about the industry being united and supportive.  Annemarie is traveling all over the world to make sure she gathers up pole news first hand. 

Although the website offers a newsletter and lots of free content, the members-only area offers a lot of extra information.  Also, if you own a pole-related business, purchasing a business membership gives you an opportunity to advertise on the site.

I think my favorite perk is the pole celebrity pole jams!  You know I love me a certain pole celebrity (Nadia Sharif)!

If you aren't sure which membership is right for you, check out their chart HERE.  If you own a pole business, the advertising value alone is worth more than the $118 you would spend annually on a business membership. 

If you want to get your news from someone who is in the industry and truly understands what pole dancing is all about, check out United Pole Artists.  The website is easy to navigate and there is tons of great content.  Visit their site and let me know what you think! 

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