Monday, June 24, 2013

Open House: Entangle & Sway

On Friday, I went on an after-work adventure in San Francisco.  I stuck around the City to check out Entangle & Sway's open house.  I have long been Facebook friends with E&S owner, Nikki Brady, but we had yet to meet in person.  I always meant to make it to previous open houses, but have always been wary of coming into the City on a Friday night.  Well, now that I work here and have had some public transportation experience, I felt like the time was right.

Located in an adorable neighborhood near the Presidio in San Francisco, I almost wasn't expecting to open the door into a dance studio.  They are a female-only studio with an emphasis on learning sexy moves and building self-esteem.  They only have two mirrors for those learning advanced tricks, and they turn on red lights when they dance.  It really allows students to get out of their heads and into their moves.  

There was a showcase, which included both students and instructors.  I really enjoyed each and every performance.  I am missing pole since my foot has been injured.  I have also stepped away from "sexy" moves in the last year or so.  I felt very inspired to get back into it.  

I was talking to a fellow local poler (well, newly local...Amy only moved here from Boston recently) about the pole community in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There really aren't a ton of studios for such a large area and we aren't anything like Los Angeles or New York when it comes to being pole-crazy.  I really am excited to support local pole studios so that we can have a happy, healthy community that promotes growth.

Thank you to Nikki and her girls for sharing their pole love with me last week!  I hope to make it out for some future workshops after my wonky foot has healed!  If you are in the San Francisco area and are looking for a studio, please check out Entangle & Sway!  


  1. Lori you're the best in showing what us Nor Cal Polers are all about...

    1. Thanks, Bel! We have such a large area up here...and we should all be creating a better community. I met someone who has some great ideas about a local should be fun to help if she needs it. :)