Monday, July 22, 2013

Chunky Girl Comics

Recently, through a chain of awesome events, I was chosen to represent a comic book character named Candy.  Chunky Girl Comics is about the Heavy Response Unit.  "The Heavy Response Unit storyline follows four friends who go from being happy, well adjusted, overweight women in Northern California to having to fight for equality when it essentially becomes illegal to be overweight in America.  Not only are the girls curvy, but they are all of different ethnic backgrounds."

"Chunky Girl Comics is breaking down barriers and introducing the world of comics to Rosie, Sage, Sweet Pea and Candy, a group of ladies with curves in all of the right places that are determined to break the standards of what a typical superhero should look like." 

I am really excited about this project.  I know that I struggle with self-esteem and body image issues but I still want to be a strong role model for little girls.  I want them to know that they are beautiful no matter their size.  When I was younger, I stood a head taller than everyone in my class.  I was not designed to be a delicate flower.  I definitely didn't have any tall, strong female role models back then.  I hope that Candy is that role model for younger girls and that I can help bring Candy to life.

My first adventure with the Chunky Girl Comics crowd will be Sunday, August 4th at Stockton-Con.  Providing my foot agrees post-surgery, a photoshoot is being planned for late August/early September.  I have been debating going back to being a blonde, but won't have time prior to these events so I will be wearing a wig.  Pray it's chilly because you know that's gonna make this girl sweat!  

Chunky Girl Comics also has a kickstarter-type campaign to fund the printing of their first full length issue of the Heavy Response Unit.  If you are able to donate in any way, please click HERE.    

I'm really excited about this next adventure!  I feel like Candy and the Twirling Viking Warrior would make great friends, so the red-headed Viking and the big blonde bombshell will co-exist very peacefully in my world.  

If you are able to help with a donation and/or can join us at Stockton-Con, I would love to see you!  Please share this blog with anyone you think would benefit from strong, curvy role models like the HRU girls!

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  1. This is super awesome and I can't wait to see the photo shoot! Congrats on this!