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Pole Dancing Bloggers -- Weekly Photo Challenge #poleblogphoto

I have made it through!  Five days post-surgery...and I already want to pull my hair out.  I can't participate, but I did want to make sure everyone was aware that the Pole Dancing Bloggers have started putting out a photo challenge and I would love for everyone to submit their photos.  

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Even if you don't follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag on public photos to participate: #‎poleblogphoto‬

 Here are August's challenges:

Here are some rules/suggestions by our fearless leader, SLY:


The Pole Dancing Bloggers Association has just launched a fun, new social challenge for the Pole Dance & Fitness community. Let’s all do a twirl or maybe a booty pop for the “Pole Photo A Week Challenge” created by the PDBA.

For those of you who don’t know, the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association (PDBA) is a community for pole artists to share, connect, create and report engaging content about the ever growing and evolving world of pole dance. The group exists to encourage community by sharing resources, prompting dialogue and establishing contacts within our field. Currently the PDBA consist of over 100+ pole dance/fitness bloggers who create fun, sizzling content on a consistent basis while sharing their personal journeys.

Each month the PDBA will release a series of 4 -5 challenges that are to be completed by the Saturday of that week.

  • Take a look at the August photo a week challenge list.
  • Take a photo according to whatever the prompt is.
  • Once you’ve taken the photo, SHARE IT. (See below for sharing techniques.)
  • Connect with others by viewing their photos too. Browse through them on social media platforms by searching the #poleblogphoto hashtag. Check out our facebook page too.

  • Instagram: Upload your photo. Add a caption like “Week 1 – Favorite Pole Move. I love the fireman!” and then add the hashtag #poleblogphoto.
  • Facebook: Upload your photo onto the Pole Dancing Bloggers facebook page and add the hashtag #PoleBlogPhoto.
  • Flickr: Upload your photo, by using the app or the website. Remember, use the hashtag #PoleBlogPhoto.
  • Twitter: Upload your photo on twitter and share it using the hastag #PoleBlogPhoto.

Right click the list above and save it to your desktop or take a screenshot and save it to your phone. You can even print it, if you want. You can also reference the list by visiting this blog post and visiting our facebook page.

There are no rules when it comes to our photo a week challenge. Everything is up for interpretation as you see fit. Get creative. Have fun! For those who need suggestions, check out below.

  • Aug 4 – 10 | YOUR FAVORITE POLE MOVE. Take a photo of your favorite pole move. This could be any and everything. It could be an invert, a trick, a pose, a spin….anything!
  • Aug 11 – 17 |HAIR. Hair flips. Hair toss. Sexy hair. Hide behind your hair. Updo. How does your hair react to the pole?
  • Aug 18 – 24 |BLACK AND WHITE. We want to see a black and white photo that incorporates pole dance and fitness. This is wide open to interpretation to encompass ANYTHING.
  • Aug 25 – 31 | POLE BAG. What’s in your pole bag. Show us a snapshot. Or maybe only one item. Or maybe show us your bedazzled bag itself.

Can I use photos I’ve taken before? You could but where’s the fun in that. This challenge is about trying some new things. So if possible, use the entire week to get the best photo that you can for the challenge. That professional photo shoot you did last year generated great photos, but it’s probably not the best option for the challenge. We want NEW STUFF!

I’m not a photographer. This is too hard. I don’t know what to do. Okay. Breathe. And if this brings on panic attacks, it’s okay. Maybe don’t participate. But if you’re up for the challenge, here are a few tips.
  1. Download a self timer app such as TimerCam. It’s free. This will help with your selfies when you don’t have a pole partner to take the picture for you. If you’re using a DSLR camera, remotes help as well.
  2. Consider your angles. While a crossknee layback looks the same on the pole for most dancers, try getting creative with the angle in which you take the picture. What if the camera is directly below or above you? Is that even possible? What would your photo look like then? 
  3. Consider your composition. What if instead of you being in the center of the photo you were at the bottom on the right? What does that do to your photo? 
  4. Consider emotions. We want your photos but we also want story, emotions and expressions. So when you’re doing your invert or your crawl or whatever the prompt may be, how can you capture personality, individuality and your own expression into the photo? 
  6. Steer clear of flash. Its usually so unflattering and leaves most people looking overexposed and blown out. 
What if my photo is late? What if I skip a week? Its okay. There are no penalties.

I don’t like the prompt. I can’t do the prompt. Why did you pick that horrible prompt? Remember that the prompts are up to interpretation. If you can’t do a certain move, maybe capture someone else doing the prompt…with their consent. Or maybe your cat is the subject in the “pole pose” photo prompt? It’s also true that you won’t resonate with every prompt. Skip it. Or do the opposite. Or try it anyway. It’s all up to you. It’s just for fun!

I don’t have access to a pole studio this week. I don’t have a pole at home. I want to participate and you’re making it difficult. WAAAAA! We considered this when creating the prompts. That’s why each week, you’ll find that there’s usually only one POLE INTENSIVE prompt and the rest can be done any and everywhere! See, we planned ahead! We’re taking care of you. Also, maybe go to the park and take the pole photo there. Or on the train? Get creative. Try something new.

I have a suggestion that I want you to use for a future prompt. COOL! We love ideas. We keep a list going of prompts. To date we have over 60+ ideas we’re going to be throwing at you. But we want your thoughts too. Send us your ideas and we’ll add them to our list. YAY!!!!!

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