Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Twirly Girls on TV: Let It Ride on National Geographic

A few weeks ago, Kate (Pole Etak) provided some of us Twirly Girls with an opportunity to be background players on a reality television show.  They were filming in Pleasanton, so it made sense that some of us would be in the area.  That show, called Let It Ride, starts tonight on the National Geographic channel.  I understand our episode should appear in a few weeks (probably fourth or fifth episode -- it's not on the episode list yet). 

Check out a preview here:

Our episode is about accessorizing a woman's bike.  Kate almost punched me but I did say I would put a stripper pole on the back of the bike.  lolololol!  Hey, no one knows what a pole fitness pole is!! 

I have no idea how much any of us made it into the show, but if you like motorcycles, it looks like a cool show to watch!  Keep an eye out for Twirly Girl sightings and let me know if you see us!  :)

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