Friday, September 20, 2013

Pole Expo 2013

There were so many great things about Pole Expo, I almost couldn't contain them in one blog.

Being able to see the Yosemite fire from the plane (sad but still very interesting).  

Having almost my entire Boys, Girls and Twirls class in Vegas with me.

Patrick and Sean Michael competing in the Pole Classic.

Meeting Timber Brown.

Fun workshops even though my foot was still injured.

Twirly Girls winning the Bring the Pole Gang contest.

Vegas in general.  Duh.

Really, I couldn't even list every cool thing that happened on this trip.

So I thought it would make a photo journal of some of my fun stuff instead!

I literally took a thousand photos so it was hard to just choose a few but I don't want to bore you with an hour long slide show.  So, in no particular order (mostly because I'm lazy and that would require organizing them on my computer), here are some of the highlights of my trip to Vegas for Pole Expo!

Meeting fellow blogger, Nina

Amy's new shoes

Robert, Missy and Amy at the pool

Look, I can do Timber Brown's stand on the pole trick!

Robert and me on the plane home...after many delays

TIMBER BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen, Kate and Rita in Bel's ridiculously awesome tub

Me, Robert and Yolanda at the Pole Classic

Minion Todd...the minions might require their own blog post

Roz the Diva showing us how it is done!!

Zoraya admiring Robert's pole kiss (obtained in her workshop)

Me sporting my sexy boot

Patrick, Missy and me

Platinum Stages' after-party

Yolanda on the plane home

Accro and Timber having a hot boy pole-off

The Twirly Girl gang

Sean Michael in all his amazingness

My favorite photo from the trip...Missy in the background, Sean Michael, Kate and me on the bed

Amy, Robert, Miss, me, Karen and Yolanda out in Vegas

Karen, me and Missy at the Pole Classic

The view from the plane...the water is so clear, the boats look like they're floating on air

Timber Brown doing Iron X on me with my anchor Sean Michael helping

Robert and Sean Michael

Playing around with Pole Sleeves

Sean Michael, Timber Brown and Robert -- the men of pole!

clouds under the plane

x-pole and silks...yay!

Timber and Robert

Missy and Nadia Sharif

Josh, Patrick and Nena

The view from Bel's room

Accro and Robert

Bad Azz

Jack from Bad Kitty and Robert

The view from our room

Missy and Flying Laura

Me fighting the monsoon

Sean Michael and Samantha Star

our room

Robert and Pole Sleeves

I can't wait for next year...I'm already planning!!!


  1. Aaah, you had creepy eyes in your hotel room too! lol, the amount of jokes we were making about that picture..

    I also think that "hot boy pole-off" needs to become an official thing. Like, with it's own competition and stuff. We could totally be judges too, right? ;)

    It was so nice to finally meet you and all the other bloggers and Instagrammers that I've been talking to online! Already have next year's expo in my calendar! :)

    1. They un-evenly make-up'ed eyes! lololol

      Yes, hot boy pole contest next time. We can set it up unofficially.

      It was nice to meet you too and I am excited about future endeavors. :)

  2. Don't forget the high-rollers on the ZEUS slot machine!

    1. I need to find that photo! And one of us! I can't remember if we took a photo but I know I took a photo of you and Robert!