Monday, September 23, 2013

Let It Ride...

In August, some of the Twirly Girls were extras in a new National Geographic show about motorcycles called Let It Ride.  That episode aired last week and I was actually quite happy with the result!

Having been part of the "reality show" process before, I understand that you don't have any control over what airs.  Even if you are careful in your words, you never know what will actually air.  In the last show I was on, the producers literally took words that weren't in a sentence and pieced them together to say something that was never said.  It was a little irritating.

On this show, we said silly things and those silly things made it on air.  Bel talking about her snakeskin paint job.  Me needing padding for my butt.  Kate desiring streamers on her bike.  (Unfortunately, my request for pole trailer went unfulfilled.)  If you'd like to watch some of the episode, click HERE and watch the video titled "girly makeover."  Congrats to Bel for getting a lot of air time climbing the poles of Pleasanton.  Some of our best lines were played over the credits.  Unfortunately, those don't appear to be online.  Perhaps Hulu or other websites have the episode in its entirety.  

I have been watching Let It Ride this season, waiting for our episode.  Even though I don't ride motorcycles, I actually have enjoyed the show and love that it is about a local company.

Through Twitter, I have invited Zach Ness and the boys to come to Twirly Girls and take a spin on the pole.  Hopefully we can get them over there to take a class with us.  If they come, you know I will update you!  

In the meantime, enjoy some still shots from the show:

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