Thursday, September 26, 2013


I wanted to post about Minions earlier this week but I just have a lot going on.  Stuff I have talked about in the past.  Stuff I can't talk about publicly.  I really do need a clone of myself, though.  

Anyway, I'm still feeling kinda blah but I thought a Minion post might help cheer me up.  

First off, I am somewhat quietly obsessed with Minions.  You know Minions, they are the cute little worker bees from Despicable Me.  I adore them.  I want to have them.  So, for my birthday, my friend Yolanda made me Minion cupcakes.  I believe there were a dozen or so, and our group had dessert at the restaurant, so I was sent home with a box full of Minion cupcakes.  I have no business eating a dozen Minion cupcakes.  So my Minions went on adventures!

I have been keeping a photo album of Minions on Facebook.  Since not everyone is my Facebook friend, I wanted to share some of the funnier photos here.  

Bert at the pool with me on my actual birthday

Creeper Dwayne at my birthday dinner (on my actual birthday)

Dan ate Stuart at the dinner a couple of nights before my birthday

Dave was birthday dinner dessert

Dean at Happy Hour

Dean at Twirly Girls

Dwayne at birthday night dinner with me

Jose/Josefiend at the drag show

Jose watching porn with Robert at the drag show


Sam is in the front.  Bill is behind him.  Ted is facing backwards.  He's always in trouble.

Simon is in the freezer. 

Steve got ate by me

Todd at Pole Expo in Vegas

Todd at the Bad Kitty booth

Todd getting a spray tan (shellac) before Vegas

Todd at the Rhinestones and RazorBlades booth...they made him a necklace!!!

Todd loves dirty girls!

Todd on the stove

Todd the pool shark

Todd loves to watch

Todd got a new home in Vegas

Where the eff is Todd?!

Whoops.  Sorry, Bert.

Whooops.  Sorry, Dean.

Zeus begs to eat Sam

Zeus wants toe at Dave too
Years ago, I started taking photos of an awesomely creepy tree in Clayton and made a Facebook fan page. ran my story and I was attacked by a few people for having too much time on my hands.  Ironic that by bothering to read the story and respond, they also must have too much time on their hands.  Anyway, I am learning that sometimes you need to be able to smile at silly things.  I'm sure Yolanda had no idea that making me these cupcakes would still be bringing me so much joy a month after my birthday (Sam, Bill, Ted and Simon are still in my house and ready for photos).  So, thank you to Yolanda for making me these Minions and I hope everyone enjoyed their adventures as much as I did!

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