Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I love when pole friends come to visit...

I really do love when pole friends come to visit.  I didn't get a chance to write about Roz the Diva coming to visit post-Pole Expo in September (yeah, I twerked!!!).  My last post about Roz was talking about a potential Dangerous Curves - West Coast edition.  Dangerous Curves II JUST happened last weekend.  And someday soon, I do hope we can bring it to the West Coast.  I'm sorry I didn't get to write about her visit to San Francisco.  I guess it's never too late so I will have to put a post together soon!

So, a couple of weeks ago, one of my pole sisters came to San Francisco on business (she lives in Missouri).  I was SO excited!  I LOVE meeting Facebook pole friends in real life!  Angela is also a fellow blogger.  Her blog, Ascending Slowly, is about her own pole journey.  I have always adored Angela because she interacts with me on my blog and Facebook page quite often.  It is always nice to know that real people are reading what you write and have something to say back to you. 

Of course, the week Angela shows up, BART goes on strike.  BART is the train that many commuters use to get in and out of San Francisco for work.  I am one of those commuters.  If BART isn't running, it makes life difficult for everyone.  It gums up the roadways and makes a normal 40-50 minute commute up to 2-1/2 hours long.  

The plan was for Angela to join me Monday night for my class at Twirly Girls, Boys, Girls and Twirls.  BART messed that up.  Luckily, BART got running again later in the week and Angela joined me for Jade's Pole Emotion class.  Unfortunately, the class was getting ready for a group performance, so our class was more about critiquing the routine, videoing and playing around on the back poles while the regular class practiced.

While the class took a break, Angela and I danced.  I haven't had many opportunities to just dance since my foot surgery.  I have lost a lot of strength, what little flexibility I had, and my stamina.  We made it through two songs.  I love watching Angela's videos, and enjoyed watching her dance in real life, because she is so smooth and is fantastic about finishing the moves in a well-rounded and sexy way.  I have kind of let that go as I've had more and more pain in my foot.  Watching Angela really motivated me to want to try harder to get back to how I was dancing before my foot started bothering me. 

And now Angela knows I'm just as crazy in real life as I am on Facebook!  I really, really enjoyed meeting Angela and hope that we will have an opportunity in the future to cross paths again!  Please check out her blog and leave a comment below with the one person on Facebook you'd like to meet in real life if you could! 


  1. aw this post makes me happy :) Some days I wish we didn't all live so far apart as there are so many of my poler friends( the two of you ladies included) I would love to pole with one day!!!

    1. Someday we will meet! Hopefully a pole event sooner rather than later. :) It would be awesome to pole with you!