Thursday, November 7, 2013

Comikaze 2013 - From the Perspective of a Nerd-in-Training

I am a nerd-in-training.  I a comic book convention.  Voluntarily.  And, although I know I didn't "get" half the references, I had SO MUCH FUN.  Only in its third year, Stan Lee's Comikaze boasted 50,000 attendees (I think about half of what San Diego's Comic-Con supposedly gets).  I heard many attendees and vendors say they liked the "smaller" show.  Sure, if 50,000 people is small. 

One thing I noticed about this (and probably many other comic book conventions) is that it is less about comic books and more about pop culture.  Sharknado panel?  Did Sharknado start from a comic book?  And could Ian Ziering have looked any more angry that he was up there on that stage?  They didn't make an appearance at this event, but Supernatural?  Hey, I LOVE the show, but did they start from a comic book?  Anyway, so it is fitting that Comikaze's subtitle is: Where pop culture rules the earth.  

I went to Comikaze with my girls from Chunky Girl Comics, and I had a blast.  I got to meet some celebrities.  I got to play around in costume and take tons of photos.  I got to walk around and meet people and buy cool products.  I really had a fun time.  I stayed in the Figueroa Hotel, which has a really cool Mediterranean theme, and was within walking distance of the Convention Center.  Since I was alone, they upgraded me to a huge room.  Marisa's birthday was on Saturday, so we celebrated with cupcakes from Sprinkles and went to a Day of the Dead concert.  I got to try aerial yoga at Aeriform Arts (I have a Poletry in Motion on that soon).  And, since I was in Los Angeles, I stuck around for California Pole Dance Championship (again, I'll have a separate post on that later). 

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, enjoy my photo journal of my nerd adventures!


Chunky Girls booth

Fighting Aurora

Michael Rooker

Phil Morris

Ron Jeremy

Ivy Doomkitty

My new boyfriend

How I spent my evenings

My very own minion!  Banana banana!

Yes, please!

Happy birthday, Marisa!

My dragon.  I have named him Logi, which is the element of fire.

Me n Logi

My new hair piece

Awwww T-Rex


Chunky Girls keeping skinny girls skinny

Day of the Dead celebration

Doc Ock

Elvira by Gris Grimly


The Hulk

I ain't afraid of no ghost!


Javier of Los Comex

Michael Rooker trying to walk through Comikaze

Mother of Dragons

Mud Wrestling girls!

Noah Fine Art - Disney!  So awesome.

Noah Fine Art

Noah signing the piece I bought

Power Rangers with the real-life (on TV) Blue Power Ranger

Candy with the Power Rangers

Reppin' other booths!

Sharknado Panel, including Ian Ziering


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    1. It really was! I seriously need to win the lottery so I have more time for all the cool stuff I could be doing if I wasn't having to work! lol!

  2. you are a big much do you weight? BBW dreams :D