Friday, November 8, 2013

Poletry in Motion: Aeriform Arts

While I was in LA for Comikaze last week, I stopped by to meet Facebook pole sister, Lea, and go to an aerial yoga class at Aeriform Arts

First off, I NEEDED that hammocks class.  My back has been "out" for awhile.  I had an adjustment by Keith before I left, but sitting in the car all morning on Friday, then standing in heels at Comikaze Friday night just didn't do my body any favors. 

I drove right up to the studio and there was FREE street parking.  Bonus in Los Angeles!  The studio had brass poles and hammocks were already set up for class (after aerial yoga on Saturday is their hammocks class, which is like dancing in the air...check out their videos on YouTube).

The price was great!  Only $20 for a class (discounted to $18 for a first-time student).  

Roseanne was the instructor and she was fantastic.  I felt like the hammocks were used to assist me into moves instead of making the moves so difficult I couldn't do them.  I even flipped over (with help from Lea and Roseanne) and hung upside down quite a few times. 

I really, really enjoyed meeting both ladies and was excited to meet another Facebook poler in person.  I want to thank Lea for having me out to Aeriform Arts.  Next time I'm in LA, I definitely want to take another class! 

Please enjoy some photos from the studio and if you're in the area, give Aeriform Arts a try!

Pre-class selfies

The studio set-up

More pre-class selfies

Showing gratitude

Lea and I showing gratitude together!

What?!  Thanks to Lea and Roseanne for pushing me over!

Upside down! back is so much happier!

More back stretching

Lea and me in the waiting area of Aeriform Arts!


  1. Ah...this was sweet. Thanks & it was great meeting your for realsies. Hopefully next visit you will have more time to "hang"

    1. Thank YOU! I know that was a crazy day for you! So happy to meet you and I can't wait to do it again!

  2. This makes me want to take a silk hammock class again!

    1. I wish there was a class closer to me. I love it!!!