Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Air Show, Flight 5

Terri, Lori, Rita and Sean Michael The Great!
So I have been lost in a pile of other stuff and haven't yet had a chance to blog about Poletential's Air Show, Flight 5!  They had a brand new venue with REAL poles all the way to the ceiling.  Aerial acrobats galore!!  It was an amazing show!  

Some of the awesome instructors from Body & Pole in New York came out for workshops and to perform (Tracee Kafer, Allison Wardwell and Elaina Royter).  I took two workshops with Tracee (and will blog about that soon).  

You can watch most of the show on Poletential's YouTube account.  Check out the playlist below.

One of my favorites didn't make it into the playlist, so don't miss the straps Fever routine!

One of the videos was damaged, so here's my footage of Allison Wardwell from Body & Pole. 

Poletential will be hosting Air Shows twice a year at their new Fox venue in Redwood City.  Keep an eye on their website, I'm sure an announcement will be coming soon regarding Flight 6 in May!

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