Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The History of Pole, Part Four

I posted my updated history of pole piece fairly recently.  You can read it HERE

Today, while reading an article about Michelle Stanek, I noticed she commented on Demi Moore training to pole dance for a movie that came out in 1996.  That means she very easily could have been training to pole dance in 1994-1995, so that would also mean Demi Moore was pole dancing "before it was cool." 

Granted, when discussing the actual history of modern pole dance, you can't really compare an actress training for a movie role to one our pioneers of pole since Fawnia Dietrich actually opened her own pole dance school in 1994.  But I do feel it is worth a mention in my series as I continue to my quest to learn about the history of pole. 

Here's the quote:

"How have you seen pole dancing transition from entertainment for men to a legitimate fitness workout?

The program at Crunch—where I took my first class—originated because one of the directors at Crunch met Demi Moore when she was training for that movie Striptease and watched [Demi's] body completely transform just because of the movement of pole dancing. She was studying to be a stripper in a movie but her body just became slammin'. Crunch is always thinking outside the box so they decided to create a [pole dancing] class. It was starting to become an all-women's fitness class in various places around the country."


I am still on the hunt for an accurate account of how pole dance developed around the world.  If you know of one of the first pole studios in your country, please let me know!  


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