Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Operation Upside Down: Month 3

Handstand on the Golden Gate Bridge
If you've been following me lately, you know I've been on the hunt for inversions.  If you haven't, you can check out my Month 2 update HERE.  September began with recovery from NCPP, a long weekend and a trip to Las Vegas for Pole Expo.  So, I missed the first two weeks of Bottoms Up class with Janet.  I did make it to lyra twice with Jen.  I did a choreography class with Jill.  Plus, I did a floor flow workshop with Morgan.  I also performed (if you could call it that -- I could barely walk in those heels) at Robert's Twirl for a Cause show.  I feel like I got some decent practice in this month.  At my final Bottoms Up class for September (just last week), my first chopper actually felt strong.  I felt like *I* actually lifted myself up.  You won't be able to tell on the video, but I felt it and Janet felt it.  The choppers that followed went back to feeling like Janet was pushing me into them.  BUT, that is PROGRESS!  I have been frustrated because I feel stronger in lyra than I do in pole.  Maybe because I can throw myself around a little easier in lyra.  So this was the first time I felt stronger in pole as well.  I am so excited!

So enjoy some videos and photos from the previous month of strength training and fun!

Preparing for a photoshoot at Pole Expo in Vegas

We love our Vegas nudies
Jill's Pony routine:

Learning new things in Lyra wearing my new She-Fit bra, which I loved!

Whoops...sideways chopper:

Flowing with Mo:

Look who hauled her ass up into the tall hoop!

Robert's show:

I did it!  Almost by myself!

Mermaiding...cuz mermaiding

Something about these glasses automatically makes you a bad ass

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