Thursday, June 21, 2018

Flexibility Training: We are six months in

So my flexibility training is going much like my pole training.  SQUIRREL!  And I'm gone. 

Check out my two month update from March HERE

I find I do about a month consistently, then I get side tracked, whether by injury or boys or laziness, and take a month off.  I was getting consistent again by Skyping with my friend, Kat, and following the beginner Valentino Brothers splits series.  It is nice to have an accountability partner.  Then I joined Bumble (a dating app) a few weeks ago, got sidetracked, got overwhelmed, and unmatched everyone to take a break.  So I got back together with Kat tonight. 

I have been going to yoga consistently each week, so I feel like that keeps me at my baseline.  But I really do want to "get more flexible."  Duh, who doesn't? 

But I am back at it...thanks to Kat.  Here are some photos of the progress since January.  I feel like I have made progress, so I'm not complaining. Hopefully I can keep this up.  Health first.  Everything else second. 

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